Friday, October 30, 2009

There is someone very special I need to thank.

See I totally told you I'd give you the credit you deserved! One of my friends, we'll call her... Madspom.... helped me come up with the name for this blog. Actually she DID come up with the name of this blog, but it goes so perfectly with my life (I should have been able to come up with it on my own!)

It goes with something very special my Dad said to me when I first told him I was pregnant.

February 25 2009 (Yes I waited five whole days to tell my dad- I wanted to do it in person!!!) I went to his apartment after work one day- he already knew I had "news" for him. When I walked in I saw he had my usual drink, Bacardi and diet, already made. I moved the drink aside and asked for some juice instead. Then I looked, smiled and said " Dad, I'm pregnant" He didn't freak out, didn't start throwing tables around because his only little girl who was not married was having a baby. No- he smiled and said " Congratulations!" We talked a bit more about how I felt for awhile and he then he said the most wonderful thing "You are getting your happily ever after, just in a different order." It was the truth! I just never thought of it that way. That phrase always made me feel better- even now that I am on my way to get married I still find comfort remembering back to when he said it.

So I guess I can thank two people today- MP you're awesome as always thank you for helping me with this blog, and Dad thanks for always supporting me, I love you!

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  1. Holls I'm so excited to read your blog- now you need some pictures of Sam!