Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Background...

Since I was young I have dreamed of my happily ever after ending. You know what I'm talking about- meeting Mr. Right, getting married and starting a family. Well, in one short year I managed to get everything I ever wanted, unexpectedly! This is where it all began....

February 20 2009: After a week of feeling crappy I decided to take a test, you know, just in case. SURPRISE! 2 pink lines (it was a first response test and yes I still have it) Wait, wait did I just see two pink lines? TWO PINK LINES?! I'm not even married yet, hell I'm not even engaged! I immediately did what any girl would do and ran into my bedroom, hid under the bed and called my BFF. I whispered " I just took a pregnancy test and it's positive" I could see the look of shock on her face through the phone " OMG are you serious?!" " Yes I'm serious!" the conversation went from there. I then knew I had to grow a pair of balls and utter the words " J, we're having a baby!" OK, it didn't go exactly like that. In fact after an interrogation about my suspicious behavior of whispering and hiding he said "Pregnant?" I gave a nervous smile and nodded my head.

The following months would be the best, the worst, the hardest, and the most rewarding months of my life so far.

I was already on my way to having a family- but what about this Mr.Right I spoke of? Well that brings me to the best night of my life :)

September 11 2009: Let me start at the beginning. J texted me from work telling me he won tickets to a dinner cruise Friday night and he could either sell them or we could go. I told him I thought it sounded romantic and really wanted to go. He said OK, but he hoped it wouldn't be too corny. I told him if he really didn't want to go we could find something else to do, but he said we/I deserved to get out and do something nice so " Game On!" haha.

When we got there it was cold and rainy- I was upset because I thought our date night was ruined. J also kept saying how he thought a dinner cruise was nerdy and didn't get why people did it- I told him he didn't understand because he wasn't blessed with the romance gene. When we got on the boat and were taken to our table there were roses waiting for me, as well as these cute souvenir champagne glasses. It was really sweet; I was so excited the roses were gorgeous. We got our first and main course and the night was going flawlessly- it was really nice. We hadn't had a night like this in a while. We then decided to take a walk around the ship before getting our dessert.

Walking around the ship was great; J was really affectionate it was so cute. I felt so in love. After awhile we stopped to look at the water and the sights and he started talking about how we've been together for 2 years and he said " Thank you for putting up with me for this long" and I smiled and said the same thing back. Then he said " Holls I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and then pulled something out of his shirt- a huge plastic diamond ring. We started laughing hysterically and he said " I couldn't afford a ring just yet, but will you marry me" I said of course. Then he said “No I'm joking” and I grabbed his shoulder and said, “I'm so confused” (totally messing up this part of the story because I can't remember the exact words but it was hilarious). I see him reach into another pocket and he pulled out this GORGEOUS GORGEOUS ring and asked me again, “Holls, will you marry me?” I was in shock! I, of course said yes again and we kissed and hugged and said I love you a million times it was amazing. He also told me that he didn't really win the tickets he just wanted to throw me off. He planned the entire night. J- my non-romantic man came up with this idea all on his own and planned the whole thing. I couldn't believe it- I was/am so happy.

We spent the rest of the night talking about how the engagement went down, he told me he called my father and asked his permission, it was amazing. At the end of the night the band was doing a tribute to people celebrating anniversaries. The last announcement they made was "And there is a couple that just got engaged tonight congratulations to Mr. and soon to be Mrs. JLaf (except they totally butchered his name) J got up and pulled me to the dance floor and we slow danced. I hate to sound corny but it was magical. Like one of those lost in the moment you forget where you are and just feel in love moments. I had never felt anything like it before and it was everything I could have dreamed of.

So now I'm engaged and couldn't be happier- except I am 9 months pregnant and extremely uncomfortable. Which brings me to the one of the worst weeks of my life.

October 5-9 2009: October 5 was my due date. MY DUE DATE! I had been staring at the date for months fully expecting NOT to go past it. Well that date came and went and every hour past it was torture. I don't care how it sounds- it sucked... big time. Why was she not here yet? My mom told me I would go early. I thought mom was always right??? WHY IS SHE NOT HERE YET! I barely had so much as a contraction and was only 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced. The stretch marks seemed to be growing by the minute, I swear there was no more room in my ute the baby HAD to come out. Was I going to be pregnant forever?

This brings me to both the hardest and most rewarding time of my life...

October 10 2009: My daughter's birthday. If you ask my doctor or anyone who was there they would tell you this was an ideal labor and birth. I got to the hospital at 10 PM they broke my water, got some pain drugs, got an epi, fell asleep and woke up around 5:15 to the Dr. telling me I would start pushing in a 1/2 hour. Pretty easy right? Well even though I got the pain killing drugs- the moments that there wasn't relief from the pain seemed like they lasted forever. During each contraction the only thing I could do to get through it was count in my head " One one thousand, two one thousand..." until the contraction ended- I couldn't talk to anyone or move, I just had to count. I had never felt pain like that in my life. And going through a contraction or two while getting the epi? J said he never knew someone could squeeze hands that hard. It was tough, but totally worth it because once that epi kicked in BYE BYE painful contractions. Then there's the pushing. Oh gawd the pushing. I pushed for about 45 mins and that was the. hardest. thing I have ever done- hands down. My body felt like it could not push any harder and she still was not out. Not to mention I spiked a 102 fever during all this- I was really exhausted, but you can't just stop pushing you can't just say " Well this is too hard- let's just go home" no you have to keep at it. Then the impossible seemed to happen- I hear " She's out, she's out! And when she came out? The most rewarding moment ever. I did it. I DID IT! I didn't think she would ever come out and here she is! Did I really push out a 7.14 lbs human being? Holy smokes... She had the most beautiful perfect skin and those eyes... the lips... everything- perfection.


  1. teared up at the end :) cant wait to read more, i love it!

  2. Awww, that night sounded SO amazing :)

  3. what a sweet post,full of romance and love! memories are great.
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  4. Here from SITS! What a sweet story and beautiful memories! It's amazing how fast life can change. Looking forward to reading more!