Thursday, November 19, 2009

"And When The Day Is Done My Momma's Still My Biggest Fan"

I don't know what line is more true than that. I don't know why this just suddenly clicked today- I have listened to that song a million times and never thought anything of it. Today, however, a light bulb went off. My mom really is my biggest fan! She is always proud of me and will take any excuse to brag- even when I have done things that have without a doubt disappointed her, embarrassed her and even hurt her feelings.

No matter what she is always on my side- I remember one time when I scratched some guy's car (actually I argue he scratched mine- we sort of rubbed each other on the road, very weird. Even weirder he tried asking me out on a date after all this...but back to the story) both his parents called me on three way to try and intimidate me- when I told my mom about it she said- and I quote "nobody messes with my daughter!" I was young and new to driving and it felt so good to have her on my side.

Now that I have my own daughter I find myself wondering what our relationship will be. Will I be a good mother? Will she feel like she can talk to me about anything? How can I make sure she trusts me? How can I make sure to raise her to fully meet her potential? These are only a few of the millions of questions I ask myself when thinking about how I will be as a mother. I hope she will always know that she can count on me for anything at anytime, just like I know I can count on my mom.

Oh and if you are wondering, the song is "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews it's a great song!


  1. These questions never end. THe only answer is you just love them. The rest just falls into place.

  2. :) such a happy post. you are a fabulous mom!