Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The dreaded triple "P"

AKA Post Pregnancy Pouch. It's something you can only understand after you have had a baby. We all dread the way we will look after giving birth- but have no clue how annoying it is until we experience it for ourselves. I have 15 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre-preg weight. Not to mention I want to look like a hawt mama for my wedding and honeymoon- you'd think that would be motivation- however here I am typing out a blog post instead of doing my time on the elliptical (that I nagged and nagged my fiancee to pull out so I could get in shape).

I just don't feeeeeeel like going ALL the way down stairs right now- I mean in between feedings, changing, calming, and cleaning sitting down for a little while seems really necessary. However I know in a few weeks if I keep this up I will remind myself that if I had just taken the time to do it, I would already see results. I only worked out once this week- I swore I would do it everyday, or at least three times a week.

I really need to get myself into a routine and force myself to get in shape! Not only to look better, but to be healthier. Maybe tomorrow will be different...

A side note:

Mom- I love you very much and really appreciate everything you do for me (including watching baby Samantha while I indulge in some shopping and cocktails with my BFF tomorrow:))

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