Monday, November 16, 2009

Here comes the bride!!!

So I went and picked out my wedding dress today. I went with my BFF and maid of honor... we'll call her Jdance... My future sister in law (also a bridesmaid)we'll call her Miss... and my mom (of course!!). It was so surreal. I think I am still in shock that I actually experienced this. At first I was worried I wouldn't like anything on me because of my size (here's where that dreaded triple P comes in) and the first few dresses were nothing special. I kept looking at Jdance, Miss and my mom hoping to see a good reaction- but nothing- they weren't too impressed either. Or one of them would like one dress and the other wouldn't really like it. I wanted all three of them to love my dress.

Then there was one... I really thought it was going to look just OK but as soon as I put it on I was shocked. I loved it- it looked like a "Holls" dress. Sparkley, form fitted, mermaid, a-symmetrical, STUNNING. I walked out- nervous and hoping they girls would feel the same and they did! As soon as they saw me I knew I had their approval. They all loved it. I added a veil and headpiece to get the real feel and it just made the over all look that much better. I really looked like I was ready to get married!

I almost didn't try on any other dresses- but there was one we had all been eying and decided what the hell couldn't hurt to try it on. This dress was beautiful- a perfect bridal dress. It was fitted at the top and poofy at the bottom with random flowers bunched up- it was such a classic dress. I felt like a real bride in this dress- it was really fabulous. However, there was one thing missing. The sparkle. I can't live with out the sparkle. It just wouldn't be a "Holls" dress if it was missing.

I put "the dress" back on and the girls immediately saw it was the right dress. They could tell by my face that is one was perfect. You really do "just know" when you put on the right dress.

So- thank you to my awesome mother- we purchased the stunning sparkly dress. I would post pictures- but don't want to give it away just yet :)

Holy crap I can't believe I just picked out my wedding dress. Seriously... did I really just do that???? I have been dreaming about this dress for my whole life and I finally have it!!!


  1. You looked STUNNING. Such a beautiful bride!

  2. Holland, Where did you go for your dress??? ps This is Heather K lol LOVE your blog, so cute!!!