Monday, December 14, 2009

"And in this moment I am happy..."

Recently my friend MP made a post about things that makes her happy and even gave me a nice little shout out :) She got this idea from a friend of hers who also wrote about things that make her happy. I decided to keep with the happy posts (and hopefully inspire my other readers to follow) and make my own list:

1) 10:45 PM or whatever my bed time is that night. This is after the baby has been put in her crib for the night and we make our way to bed. As soon as my head hits the pillow a sense of relaxation runs through my body. Even if it's just for a few moments I feel completely calm and it is just so refreshing. I realize not everyone with a newborn gets this luxury, which makes me appreciate it even more. Having a baby (actually grown up life in general) is so exhausting the moments when you can just lay down and completely relax are priceless.

2) The Chew or Chewy. She is my dog, I love her like a child! People said things would change once I had a baby of my own- but I still consider the chew my baby too :) She is a doxie (hot dog, dog) and full of personality! We were worried about how she would be with the baby but she has been so good, so we are very relieved.

3)Monday Funday with Jdance. The type of job she has gives her a non-traditional work schedule. She is always off on Mondays and I always go to her house to hang out during the day. It's nothing too glamorous but we have a lot of fun!! During the week for the most part it's just me and the baby, and while I love spending time with her, it's nice to have another adult around to talk to. I'm pretty sure it's one of the big reasons I have stayed sane since I stopped working :)

4)My bridesmaids- CK, Bets, Little, Holland #2, and Miss. They all have touched my heart in one way or another since I have known them. Each of them means a lot to me and I feel honored to have them part of my wedding.

5) Jdance going above and beyond the call of duty as maid of honor. She has helped me with a lot of the planning and set up of my wedding. She even agreed to sit through my bridal hair and make up trials just so I can get her opinion!

6) Going to NYC for NYE. I visited the city last year in January for the first time and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to go again this year!

7) The Baby Einstein Ocean Wonders play mat. This thing It has a rattle, stuffed animals, lights, music, dangley thingies, even a toy that doubles as a teether! I put Lils on it to play everyday, not only does it make her smile but she is learning as well- can't beat that!

8) My body getting closer to being back to normal. I have 11 more pounds to lose to get back to pre-preg and my stretch marks are getting lighter. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have faith I will at least be back to my pre preg size by my wedding.

9) Sexy one-piece bathing suits. Right after I had Lils I had some freak out moments thinking about what the hell I was suppose to wear when I went to the beach. Would I be doomed to wear cover ups for the rest of my life??? Then I was reminded that there are some cute, young , sexy one-pieces I could wear that would cover those evil stretch marks without stripping me of my youth!

10) The scent of lavender and vanilla. Preferably mixed together, but I like them separate as well. Anything I buy that has a fragrance HAS to be either lavender or vanilla or a combination of both.

Wait a second didn't I leave out a few important people? Obviously J, Lils, my family etc. make me happy. I feel like my blog is stuffed with mushy shout outs to my loved ones and wanted to give you all a break from the lovey dovey overload :)

I would love if Mrs. B, The Charming Chandlers, and Stephanie would all follow suit and post about what makes them happy :)

Also, I suggest you check out MP's blog it's really entertaining and full of fun creative projects and ideas. You can find her at:
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