Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Necessities

I have put together 8 of the most important items I have used for my daughter. When becoming a new parent you never know what to expect. Although every baby is different, I tried to put together a list that would be useful for everyone:

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1. The Kiddopotamous swaddleme... oh how this has saved my life Swaddling with a blanket just can't hold up to a baby's strength. The swaddleme closes with velcro and works like a charm.

2. Pack and play with a changer. Sorry the picture is blurry- I did my best. We have a pink Graco one and keep it in the living room. We don't really use it other than the changer but it makes changing diapers soooo convenient. Actually I keep dirty clothes in the "bed" part of it- but hey it's still super useful and I recommend if you are getting a PnP to get one with a changer included!

3.Baby carrier. I waited way too long to buy one of these. It makes leaving the house much much easier. Carrying a car seat around sucks. Lugging a stroller around sucks too. The one pictured is the Infantino Euro Rider, I have this- it's a much cheaper option than the baby Bjorn.

4. This may look like a regular old newborn outfit HOWEVER there is one key part of the shirt that makes all the difference. At the ends of the arms there is a place to cover the baby's hands. This really comes in handy in the beginning and I recommend getting a lot of these shirts(or taking a bunch home from the hospital, I wish I would have taken more :)) Babies have a tendency to scratch themselves when they are mad and having their hands covered helps prevent that. I have the one that is pictured- it is a Ralph Lauren kimono outfit. I don't really use the pants, but the top gets used all the time.

5.Receiving blankets. You seriously can't have enough of these. Really. Like 10 isn't enough. Unless you want to be doing laundry much more often than necessary. Oh and don't buy cute ones either- you won't want to dirty them (I don't care what anyone else says).

6. Babylegs. Not only are these adorable but they are practical too. They keep your baby's legs warm without using pants. They make changing diapers so much easier... I also think they are much cuter than baby pants :)

7. A diamond studded binky- everyone who is anyone needs it...just kidding. Regular old binkies though? Def a necessity. Some mom's don't like to use them, but personally I would be lost without one. It has helped my baby learn to self sooth- helps with sleeping through the night and all in all helps with my sanity. I suggest buying a few different brands. This is because not every brand works for every baby. For example the Mams brand pacifiers don't work with my baby, not sure if it is the size or what but she doesn't like them. She will only use the Avent pacifiers.

8. A play mat. This particular one is what we have and is the Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean play mat. My little girl loves this- there are lights, music, toys that make noise, teether, different textures- just a really well rounded toy. This is not only makes baby happy, but it teaches them as well.

There are certainly other necessities you can't live without, like diapers, wipes bottles and formula (even if it's for back up) but those are a given.

Also? For mom's that want to go back to work, or aren't hardcore about strictly breastfeeding but still want baby to get breast milk, I definitely recommend an electric pump (double preferably). An expensive one. It's worth it and you get your monies worth in the end- promise. If you've decided to breastfeed/pump you need lots of lanolin nipple cream as well. I exclusively pump and although I received a lot for negative feedback for it, I preferred it to breast feeding.

Another question that moms to be love to ask is what kind of diaper bag they should use. I didn't add this item to my list because although it is a necessity, the one I have sucks. I bought it off ebay trying to save some money and am really not pleased with it. It's hard trying to find an affordable, functional decent looking diaper bag. Once I find one that is cute and functional I'll let ya know.

Oh shoot...I knew there was something I forgot to put on here... the boppy pillow. It is supposed to be used to help with breastfeeding- but it does so much more. We use it every night when putting Lils to bed. We prop her up on it and it helps her sleep.

***I am in no way an expert, and will not pretend to be. Every baby is different and every parent's preference and experience is different; I just felt these things were general enough to use across the board***

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