Thursday, December 10, 2009

My daughter is 2 months today :)

My precious girl is 2 months today!!!!!


1) Sleeping through the night... in her crib too! She also knows how to self-soothe (score!) She has been doing this for awhile now, no sleep training required. I'm not opposed to sleep training or schedules (every baby is different) but in my personal opinion she was too young to sleep train and trying to force her into a schedule was never gonna happen. I let her set her own schedule and luckily for me the times she chooses to fall asleep and wake up are around the same time I would be going to bed and getting up. She so smart already :) As for the self soothing- I discovered she knew how to do this when she dozed off in my arms, I put her in her crib and she woke up. Since she wasn't fussing I decided what the heck maybe she'll be able to go back to sleep- and she did. I was so surprised and so proud :)

*Wanna know what other things we did to help her sleep better and longer? We put her in a swaddle- no not the blanket that they teach you about- a swaddle that has velcro so it stays shut. This thing is a LIFE SAVER- we only have two I'd love to buy more because we have to wash them pretty frequently (spit up anyone?). Also, and I have to give credit to my friend Stephanie for this- having her sleep propped up on the bobby. We suspected she had reflux and I spoke to Stephanie about this since she was going through the same thing, she recommended the Nap Nanny. The Nap Nanny is expensive, but the idea is to have the baby sleeping propped up a bit. I decided to take their idea and make do with that I had. SUCCESS! It works like a charm! The boppy pillow really has so many uses it's another baby item no mother should be without. Introducing the pacifier was a savior as well. Some mom's don't like to this this, but I found it very helpful in her learning to self sooth and for my own sanity.

2) She knows how to use her hands. Oh man- this is one of my proudest discoveries. I feel like she has always been aware of her hands, but more recently she has been "using" them. She also doesn't claw her face off anymore when she is screaming which is freaking awesome. Having a baby in the car seat screaming, knowing she is scratching herself and you can't do anything about it, sucks. REALLY sucks. Especially when you have to look at the damage afterward. Anyways, back to using her hands. She has started to grab things. Also? I looked over at her one day and noticed her HOLDING HER BINKY TO HER MOUTH! When I have a bottle or bring the binky to her mouth she will pull it closer- or if she doesn't want it she will swat it away. It's freaking awesome. She also grabs my arm when I hold her- it makes me melt every time- since she is too young to really give me a hug it's the closest thing I can get and I love it :)

3) The baby babble. Oh how I love the baby babble. I can get so caught up in watching her coo, I almost forget that I need to be talking to her as well, especially when she is making noises at toys she likes. I love watching her smile and coo when I lay her on the activity mat for playtime. Or at the Christmas decorations, or the big balloon in the hallway, or the picture on the wall (I actually told J I didn't like when he first bought it 2 years ago I guess it's a good thing he kept it!). I especially love when she looks at me and coos and smiles. Hearing her make noises that aren't crying related really makes me smile.

4) She recognizes things!! She can tell when I bring her the bottle. I noticed this when she calmed down as soon as she saw me bring the bottle closer to her mouth. It was so precious. What's even more cute are the faces she makes when she DOESN'T want something. She gets a very disappointed look on her face if I give her the binky when she really wants a bottle. She also makes this face when she doesn't want the bottle anymore.

5) She is learning to communicate (other than just screaming)- 2&3 fit in with this but I thought they deserved their own sections. She is starting to use other sounds and gestures to let me know what she really wants. She doesn't always just resort to crying anymore. This has been great because I can tell the difference of her being bored or uncomfortable to her being hungry or being tired. When she is hungry, tired or cold she cries, screams even. Each has a different scream though and usually if I can get the bottle to her fast enough she doesn't go nuts. When she is tired she does go nuts, haven't figured that one out yet. When she is cold, there is not much I can do- she gets cold when moving her from towel to bath, bath to towel- this is the worst cry :( When she is done playing on her activity mat, in her crib or whenever she is laying, she makes short little "wah" noses and has a frown on her face.

It is incredible to watch your child grown, learn, and change right before your eyes! People told me things would change, that this was hard, exhausting, rewarding and all of those things are true, however, there was one thing that was left out. The sense of pride you feel for your child. It is almost indescribable. I am so proud of the way she is developing and the things she is doing. It's amazing to watch the progression of her development when she started out basically a blank slate, relying only on primal instincts. She is growing more and more each day, I can't wait to see what happens next!

Here is a picture of her in my FAV outfit on her. I wish I could find the hoody in all different colors- I would have her wear one everyday!

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