Sunday, January 31, 2010

McFatty Monday- One month down... Kinda

SO I have been working out for 20 days. Hot-damn that's a long time for me! I am showing no signs of stopping and it makes me reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally excited. I'm not sure if it's my wedding, my baby, my man, my self esteem, or the flex sched I now have... but whatever it is seems to be working.

I have a few deadlines I need to meet, however I don't plan to stuff my face and re-create the body mold in my couch after the wedding. Remember most of the things I am doing are meant for lifestyle changes. In reality though, having the wedding deadlines are awesome. I really feel like I gave myself enough time to lose weight and get hawt in a healthy amount of time. Maybe after the wedding all I will need to concentrate on is maintaining my results? One can only hope.

Deadline #1 March 1st: My first dress fitting. Even though I still have another fitting after this- I still made it a deadline. My next one, is a few weeks after so I won't really have the time to do a lot of work if I am not at a certain point. This gives me the whole month of February to really buckle down. I think I am going to go a bit stricter on my diet and not take the weekends off. So far I have just been working out Mon-Fri and pretty much doing/eating whatever I wanted too on the weekends.

Deadline #2 March 29th: This is it. Since this is my last fitting I REALLY don't want to lose or gain any weight before the wedding. They are going to make the dress fit perfectly for how my body is on that day soooo I need to keep it that way. So really I have almost another 2 months to get where I want to be. I think I can do this!

SO I betcha wanna know how I did last week, right? Well, again, I didn't lose any weight.

The weight thing didn't really get to me though, I had something much better than numbers on a scale to tell me how I am progressing. J touched my stomach and said "Whoa where did that go?" OMIGAWD OMIGAWD!!! Needless to say I walked with my head a bit higher for the rest of the day. I'm really glad he noticed. When you see someone everyday it's hard to notice changes like that soooo basically I feel awesome :)

I worked out every day this week and did the extra 150 crunches on all days except one because again I forgot to do the final 50 or so. I realized I have to do all of them at once or I will just forget. My gorgeous, cheeky, big blue eyed, dollface, babygirl keeps me pretty distracted. I did the crunches right after the workout- seemed to work well. I also added 3 sets of chest flies because I want to get rid of the "boob-fat" you know that chunk of fluff between your underarms and boobs that sticks out when you wear a tank top? Yea I really don't want that anymore...

Anyways I have written far too much and anyone who is still reading, well you're pretty awesome.

This weeks goals are:

200 extra crunches
3 set of chest flies
continue working out everyday
NO BREAKS ON THE WEEKEND- even if I can't get a full work out in I will at least do the crunches and chest flies

This is the week I start level three of the shred, I hope it doesn't kill me!!

Here's to getting fit and healthy!

Save/Splurge Beauty Products

I am a self proclaimed product junkie.

I love ALL beauty products from make up to skin care... everything!!!

Being a stay at home mom has forced me to give up some of my favorite products. Luckily I have been able to find cheaper products that work just as well :)

If you ladies are in the mood to splurge I suggest one of the first brands you go to is Bliss. My FAVORITE lotion of all time is their Vanilla and Bergamot body butter. The lotion smells UH-MAZING and it is so rich and creamy you stay moisturized for hours.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The problem with this is when you are on a strict budget. It costs $35.00 a pop!!!! Depending on how dry or sensitive your skin is you can go through this stuff in as little as two weeks! I needed to move to something that would last longer, was more practical for my bank account, but would still keep my skin soft and smooth.

I turned to Suave Lavender and Vanilla lotion.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It works like a charm and is around $4.00 each. It lasts longer as well, I only have to buy new lotion about once a month- maybe a little longer.

If you have any Save/splurge items you'd like to recommend please feel free! I love finding cheaper alternatives- anything that is easier on my wallet is definitely a plus :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 20!!!

I have just completed day 20 and the final day of level 2.

I fear for the future...

To be completely honest I could barely keep up with level two the first week- I don't think I was ready to move up from level one. I wanted to do each of the levels for ten days so to complete the 30 day shred as it was intended- so I will continue to do so. I don't think I am near where I need to be to do well at level three but I will do my best. One good thing about this is that after the 30 days I can still go back to the "easier" levels and still get a great work out from it. One month I may strive to complete all three levels perfectly, then go back and try to complete all levels following Natalie (the more advanced gal) and things like that. Anything to get as much use out of the dvd as possible and to keep my body challenged.

I really think this work out was made for me- the circuit concept is just perfect for keeping me from getting bored. I think I lost one or two pounds this week but my trusty scale is having some technical difficulties today so I can't be certain.

I will be updating again on Monday to participate in McFatty Monday so I will give more detail then! For now I am going to go sprawl out and hope beebs wants to stay asleep till daddy gets home.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So long, Farewell, Auf weidersehen, Good-bye

We rid ourselves of the precious swaddle this week and not a moment too soon. The swaddle seemed to save our lives not to mention our sanity. For awhile she wouldn't sleep more than 10-15 minutes unless she was all bundled up in the swaddle.However, recently she had been having these crying fits while sleeping, actually sleeping problems in general. We couldn't figure out the problem and chalked it up to: growth spurt,a random wonder week, early 4 month wakefull?!?! Needless to say we had run out of ideas and were just trying to grin and bear it and hope this phase would pass.

During one of her scream fests I walked over to her crib and happened to notice her body was feeling unusually warm. I open the swaddle and to my shock and embarrassment she was drenched in sweat. I was over-heating my poor little cupcake- she was crying because she was so freaking hot in that thing! Her room is one of the coldest in the house and it's winter time so I was very concerned about her getting cold. It never once crossed my mind that she could be getting too hot!!

So as she is growing as learning new skills looks like I need to put together a new list of items that have been helpful. Some of the items we are still using everyday, like the PnP and the boppy, but some aren't as exciting anymore, like the activity mat. So stayed tuned in the next month or so for an updated list!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wishful Wednesday... Superwoman!

Wishful Wednesday comes from my friend's blog, which you can find here.

I wish I could be a combination of Rosanne, Martha Stewart, and Jo aka Super Nanny.

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I would love to have Rosanne's wit, Martha's ability to be the ultimate domestic goddess, and Jo's knowledge of child behavior and development.

These three things would pretty much make me the ultimate woman.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first real snuggle

Dear Bebe,

This morning I got my first real snuggle out of you. You fell asleep in my arms, no bottle attached, no rocking and walking around, you just fell asleep laying down with me on the couch. This is definitely one of my favorite moments with you. I have wanted a real snuggle since before you were born. Instead of immediately putting you in your crib I layed with you and enjoyed this moment as long as I could. I stroked your hair, kissed your head,I found it hard not to pinch those cheekies, but I didn't want to wake you :)

These moments always take me to daydreams about who you will be when your personality starts to show. I often find myself wondering who's personality will you get, mine or daddy's, or will you have one all your own?

I've noticed you already have your daddy's temper- even Aunt Missy says when you are screaming you look just like he did when he was a baby. I wonder if you will get his smarts or his sense of humor. These are two of my favorite qualities in him. He is the smartest person I know and much to my frustration pretty much always right. He is also hilarious and always keeps me laughing.

I can already tell you've got your mommy's bratty attitude- when you don't get what you want you scream :) I wonder if you'll have a passion for love like I do, or if you'll wear your heart on your sleeve.

Either way I know you are going to be great. As your mother I hope to guide you and help give you the proper tools so that you can do anything you set your heart to. I want the best for you... oh my goodness do I want the best for you.

Is that you I hear in your crib giggling and cooing away? I absolutely love to go see you smiling and happy in your crib, I love even more when you look up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes and give me a great big gummy smile. These moments only last for so long so I need to get going and enjoy them while I still can.

I love you bebe.

Monday, January 25, 2010

McFatty Monday...we meet again.

So how did I do last week? I suppose I did , OK- nothing special though.

The good? No weight gain and starting to notice physical changes. I THINK my waist shrunk just a bit. I also have noticed a change in my legs. Now I am no where near bikini- er should I say bathing suit ready... BUT it's a start.

The Bad? I only worked out 4 days last week- and I had one day of weakness and my diet really suffered. I did crunches everyday, but didn't make the 100 everyday. Honestly, sometimes I just plain forgot. I had a baby that was testing my sanity and I just couldn't finish the extra crunches. Some days I only did 50, but it is still something. I also didn't lose any weight. These last ten pounds have been so freaking hard to lose.

The Ugly? Still hate the way I look in the mirror. I know I still have a ways to go and even at the end of the 30 days I will not be where I want to be. Please PLEASE for the love of all that is good, just let me be a hawt momma in time for my wedding. I'd prefer it in time for my dress fitting, bridal shower, and bach party but that might be asking for too much :)

Back to the good... Even though I missed a day last week- I have still be working out more than I have in years so I am still moving forward. This will be the final 5 days on level two of the shred. Level two is SO HARD. I don't think I was really ready for it but I wanted to do the 10 days for each level so I moved up. After the 30 days I maybe go back and take my time through the levels- or I might just go back to do level two and three... we'll see.

So what's new for this week:
- Hopefully lose a pound.
- Extra 150 crunches
- Keep working out and eating healthy everyday

Here's to losing weight, being healthy and looking hot!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

McFatty Monday

The idea of McFatty Monday comes from here This is a way to keep people motivated and on track with their fitness/health goals.

I am on week 3 (or day 11) of the 30 day shred, have lost 2 pounds and will be starting level 2 today.

Inspiration this week?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My goals?

- I'd love to lose another pound!
- Continue to work out Monday- Friday
- Continue to eat well everyday
- Add an extra 100 crunches to my daily work out

Accomplishments? Yes! This is the longest I have kept up with a work out routine, and the most I have worked out in years. 5 out of 7 days is a huge step for me and I have no plans of stopping! It makes me more and more confident I will stick to it this time and give my self the healthy (and hopefully hawt) body I have wanted for so long!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Goodnight Moon

To My Sweet Little Cupcake,

Just a week ago you turned three months old. Three months...seems like a lifetime since I first held you in my arms. You have grown so much and I have been lucky enough to watch every moment of it. You are really grasping things now- like the rattle on Mr. Octopus when he dangles over your head. The first time I saw you do this I screamed out " she's grabbing she's grabbing!" even though no one else was home- I also added a "great job bebe, you are so amazing" because you are. Everyday you are growing and learning and I love every second of it.

I have been waiting for the moment you reach your arms out to give me a hug, for now I will settle with an extra strong arm grab when you first wake up, or a sweet nuzzle into my chest after you stretch your arms, or even holding my fingers when you are eating and playing. I also can't wait to hear you say "mommy" but for now I will settle for the sweet coos you make after you see me when you first wake up or or the shrieks of happiness you make when we smile at each other. I know the moments I long for will come too soon so I am soaking in all that I can each and every day.

As I write this you are laying next to me, asleep for the night, but not in your crib. No... tonight you will sleep next to me with the soft blanky and the ocean music of dozy dolphin. Tonight I will fall asleep to the sound of your breathing and the binky. You are so beautiful and so precious. Those big blue eyes and those squishy cheeks...

Goodnight baby girl, I love you so much.

::*muah* and a tap on the nose::

Day 10

I made it through the first 10 days!!!

Sorry folks I haven't turned into a flat tummied super model yet. I feel more fit and in shape but have to admit when I look in the mirror and still see the post preg pouch I get misty eyed and disappointed. I then remind myself that soon I will look into the mirror and hopefully see what I want to see. I just have to stick with it.

Some good things?

- I feel a difference in my body and my endurance. I am ready to push myself more and can feel myself getting stronger.

- There are SLIGHT and I mean SLIGHT changes in my body. Nothing noticeable to the outside work but I can feel the muscle tone started to peak through.

- Last time I hopped on the scale I had lost a pound. I usually weigh myself on Saturday so I am hoping to see a lower number tomorrow morning as well :)

Next week I will start level two of the shred- hopefully I can keep up!!!

Oh and about those creams? Yea I pretty much gave up on the "fat girl slim" I just really don't like the smell. I still like "the love handler" because of the smell and the tingly on my tummy, I haven't been diligent in using it everyday though.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Iwillgetinshape Iwillgetinshape Iwillgetinshape...

OK, I'm serious now. For reals. I am going to do this. I ate pretty healthy and did the shred yesterday. I need to do the same thing today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of the week, and next week, and so on until forever! This is all about getting healthy and looking better. I have enlisted a trifecta of fat burning, body slimming tools:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

#1 The Jilliam Michael's 30 day shred. Jillian is awesome, I trust what she has to say and hope I can push myself hard enough to see the results I want!

#2 The Lovehandler. OK, so I'm not sure if this does what it says it does HOWEVER I like the smell, it's tingly and doesn't dry very fast so it makes you aware of your tummy. Being aware of your tummy can help remind you to do those extra crunches and reach for fruit instead of something fatty.

#3 Fatgirlslim. Same goes with this one. Not totally sure if it delivers what it says, but I heard from someone second hand that it worked. I'm actually not a fan of the way this one smells, but it I'm gonna try it for the recommended four weeks and hope for the best!

Also? I am kind of a product whore and buy on impulse. I bought these creams awhile ago and couldn't use them while pregnant so I needed an excuse to finally use them or it woulda been a huge waste of money :) Feel free to go purchase them if you like, but I will wait to give my full recommendation until after I have used the products for a few weeks.

So back to the whole getting slim getting healthy bit. I am REALLY going to try this time. In the past I have always made excuses like "it's cold out" or "I just had a really bad day and deserve something fatty to make up for it" No more! I'm also not going to restrict myself. My "diet" is really just eating more fruits and veggies. When going out to eat or ordering in I am going to try to remind myself to order a healthier option. In the grand scheme of things if I eat something healthy there are many benefits and I feel better after. I know as long as I watch my portions and choose the healthier option 90% of the time I can get away with some sweet indulgences every once in awhile ;)

Since the 30 day shred is supposed to be split up in 10 days (10 days level 1, 10 days level 2, 10 days level 3) I will update on Day 10 Day 20 and Day 30. I'll try to also give updates on any other changes I notice along the way- but def on those three days.

First change I noticed? Just after the first day of working out I feel better. i want to work out harder and my body just feels different. It's tough to explain but it is definitely motivating :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

"I'm so happy I'm terrified"

Remember when Charlotte said this in the SATC movie? This is kind of how I feel. Like when is it all gonna come to a screeching halt. When will the bad seep back in... I have been so nervous moving on to 2010 wondering what this year could possibly have in store for me.

Keeping in the tradition of starting fresh and new years resolutions here is what I hope to change/accomplish in the new year:

I'd like to have more patience, be a better person and be someone my daughter can look up to and is proud of. I want to be her best friend, her "go-to" person, someone she respects. I want to hear " One day I wanna be just like you mommy!" and I want her to mean it :)

I'd like to "let go" of some things. Well... a lot of things, but I'll settle for a few. I have a lot of regrets, what ifs and woulda shoulda coulda's that bring a lot of negative weight in my life. I don't know why letting go is so hard, but it is. I know I will be happier and better off, it's just something I have been struggling with.

I'd like to be healthier. I don't just want to lose weight or tone up- I really want to be all around healthy. I want to get in a good fitness routine and eat well at least 80% of the time. If I start trying to change this now, hopefully these healthy habits will stick and I can teach them to my daughter. I feel like I wouldn't hate exercising so much now, or I'd like comfort food less now if I had practiced being healthier earlier in my life.

So cheers everyone and happy new year!!!

Oh and I am crossing my fingers for no BFPs this year...Brantini, Stef, Alena, Lubs, and Fancy Pants you know what I'm talking about!!!