Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 20!!!

I have just completed day 20 and the final day of level 2.

I fear for the future...

To be completely honest I could barely keep up with level two the first week- I don't think I was ready to move up from level one. I wanted to do each of the levels for ten days so to complete the 30 day shred as it was intended- so I will continue to do so. I don't think I am near where I need to be to do well at level three but I will do my best. One good thing about this is that after the 30 days I can still go back to the "easier" levels and still get a great work out from it. One month I may strive to complete all three levels perfectly, then go back and try to complete all levels following Natalie (the more advanced gal) and things like that. Anything to get as much use out of the dvd as possible and to keep my body challenged.

I really think this work out was made for me- the circuit concept is just perfect for keeping me from getting bored. I think I lost one or two pounds this week but my trusty scale is having some technical difficulties today so I can't be certain.

I will be updating again on Monday to participate in McFatty Monday so I will give more detail then! For now I am going to go sprawl out and hope beebs wants to stay asleep till daddy gets home.

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