Friday, January 1, 2010

"I'm so happy I'm terrified"

Remember when Charlotte said this in the SATC movie? This is kind of how I feel. Like when is it all gonna come to a screeching halt. When will the bad seep back in... I have been so nervous moving on to 2010 wondering what this year could possibly have in store for me.

Keeping in the tradition of starting fresh and new years resolutions here is what I hope to change/accomplish in the new year:

I'd like to have more patience, be a better person and be someone my daughter can look up to and is proud of. I want to be her best friend, her "go-to" person, someone she respects. I want to hear " One day I wanna be just like you mommy!" and I want her to mean it :)

I'd like to "let go" of some things. Well... a lot of things, but I'll settle for a few. I have a lot of regrets, what ifs and woulda shoulda coulda's that bring a lot of negative weight in my life. I don't know why letting go is so hard, but it is. I know I will be happier and better off, it's just something I have been struggling with.

I'd like to be healthier. I don't just want to lose weight or tone up- I really want to be all around healthy. I want to get in a good fitness routine and eat well at least 80% of the time. If I start trying to change this now, hopefully these healthy habits will stick and I can teach them to my daughter. I feel like I wouldn't hate exercising so much now, or I'd like comfort food less now if I had practiced being healthier earlier in my life.

So cheers everyone and happy new year!!!

Oh and I am crossing my fingers for no BFPs this year...Brantini, Stef, Alena, Lubs, and Fancy Pants you know what I'm talking about!!!