Sunday, January 31, 2010

Save/Splurge Beauty Products

I am a self proclaimed product junkie.

I love ALL beauty products from make up to skin care... everything!!!

Being a stay at home mom has forced me to give up some of my favorite products. Luckily I have been able to find cheaper products that work just as well :)

If you ladies are in the mood to splurge I suggest one of the first brands you go to is Bliss. My FAVORITE lotion of all time is their Vanilla and Bergamot body butter. The lotion smells UH-MAZING and it is so rich and creamy you stay moisturized for hours.

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The problem with this is when you are on a strict budget. It costs $35.00 a pop!!!! Depending on how dry or sensitive your skin is you can go through this stuff in as little as two weeks! I needed to move to something that would last longer, was more practical for my bank account, but would still keep my skin soft and smooth.

I turned to Suave Lavender and Vanilla lotion.

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It works like a charm and is around $4.00 each. It lasts longer as well, I only have to buy new lotion about once a month- maybe a little longer.

If you have any Save/splurge items you'd like to recommend please feel free! I love finding cheaper alternatives- anything that is easier on my wallet is definitely a plus :)


  1. You need to find a Bath and Body Works Outlet. I also like Bed Heads Oatmeal lotion...oh yum!

  2. love me some Bliss! here to follow you from friday follow
    Have a great night!