Thursday, January 28, 2010

So long, Farewell, Auf weidersehen, Good-bye

We rid ourselves of the precious swaddle this week and not a moment too soon. The swaddle seemed to save our lives not to mention our sanity. For awhile she wouldn't sleep more than 10-15 minutes unless she was all bundled up in the swaddle.However, recently she had been having these crying fits while sleeping, actually sleeping problems in general. We couldn't figure out the problem and chalked it up to: growth spurt,a random wonder week, early 4 month wakefull?!?! Needless to say we had run out of ideas and were just trying to grin and bear it and hope this phase would pass.

During one of her scream fests I walked over to her crib and happened to notice her body was feeling unusually warm. I open the swaddle and to my shock and embarrassment she was drenched in sweat. I was over-heating my poor little cupcake- she was crying because she was so freaking hot in that thing! Her room is one of the coldest in the house and it's winter time so I was very concerned about her getting cold. It never once crossed my mind that she could be getting too hot!!

So as she is growing as learning new skills looks like I need to put together a new list of items that have been helpful. Some of the items we are still using everyday, like the PnP and the boppy, but some aren't as exciting anymore, like the activity mat. So stayed tuned in the next month or so for an updated list!!

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