Thursday, February 4, 2010

Linens for my Wedding... who knew it would be so hard? *UPDATED*

So after my wedding there will be LOTS of info and pictures about wedding planning and all that jazz. I haven't written a lot about it or posted any details because I want my guests to be surprised when they show up, and many of them are reading this :)

So far things have been going pretty smoothly. I am having the wedding and ceremony in a hotel- that that cut back on dealing with and finding A LOT of vendors. I was also lucky to have a recommendation for an officiant, if I hadn't gotten that recommendation, I would STILL be searching for someone.

A big issue I am running into now is finding a linen vendor. It's not even that I can't find the linens that I want, I haven't even been able to FIND a lot of vendors. The guy who did my flowers got me some quotes but I would like to look other places since these prices seem a bit expensive... almost $40 PER table? You've got to be kidding me...

Sooo... do any of you out there have any suggestions? If you are in the MD/DC area do you have any recommendations? I need help!!!

***Well apparently $40.00 is pretty standard. Sooo I have some decisions to make...

Thanks Mrs. B for your advice... smooches :)


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  2. Hi! I'm from Friday Follow!

    Table linen rental prices vary - here in NJ a basic solid colored no frills tablecloth to fit a table seating 10-12 runs on average $20. What type of linens are you looking for?

  3. Hi -
    I am in Alexandria, but I am with you on the 40/table. It stinks. I ended up purchasing mine for much cheaper and plan on selling them after the wedding. The weren't top of the line linens, but I also save a ton per table.

    Good luck!