Monday, March 29, 2010

McFatty Monday- Final dress fitting!

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So now my weight is kind of fluctuating. This is exactly how I was before I got pregnant. I have a 5 pound weight range I am always in. So even though I have reached my lowest pre-preg weight, I have also gone up a few pounds.

To be honest I don't see it making a HUGE difference. I can still SQUEEZE into pre-preg work pants if I absolutely have to which is quite an accomplishment.

It's funny, I remember Heidi Klum's response when someone asked her if they could look like her after having a baby. She said " it depends on how you looked before" this statement couldn't be more true... for me at least. I am EXACTLY how I was before getting pregnant. Like it's almost creepy how similar I am. I hope to get my work out back up to speed ( deja vu anyone?) you'd think with my wedding coming up I would be working out extra hard. However, the closer it gets the less I want to work out. I wish I would have worked out my upper body more (but it'ss so weak, it was really hard!) because I still have the "boob fat" that sticks out when you wear a tight strapless. I am hoping my long hair will conceal this- even if it's just for the ceremony.

I have 2/3 of my wedding jewelry for the fitting today- I am excited to see how it looks together! I am also excited to see how the new alterations look.

So onto my work out goals for the week:

For the ab separation I had to do 10 special sit ups an hour for each hour I was awake. I am going to try and do this and well as other exercises. It might be hard to do every hour I am awake but if I do even half that I think it will still bring good results. I also plan to do my pilates DVD at least 3-4 times this week.

Here's to being healthy!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Cupcake

Dear Cupcake,

Mommy was mad last night. Or rather, early this morning. Due to your recent playtime of midnight I have gotten used to falling asleep between 1 and 2 AM. This night as soon as I laid my head down on my pillow I hear you start to stir. The stir turned into an all out meltdown because I could not step out of bed fast enough to feed you. Mommy's so tired, baby. It's been months of getting a few hours of sleep at a time (except on very rare occasion) so I huffed and puffed and stomped to get you out of your crib.

However, after you had finished eating I couldn't move. Normally I am quick to put you back in your crib and hope to fall asleep within the hour. This time something was different. You were so content in my arms, and I was so content to kiss your head and snuggle you close. I wanted to sneak you into the big bed, crawl into your crib, I just wanted to stay near you. I knew I needed to go to sleep, it would only be a few hours until I was up again and I had so much to do the next day. I had to work out, clean, and get all dolled up to celebrate a friends birthday. I HAD to get some sleep, but I also HAD to keep holding you. So I did just that. I watched your peaceful face as you took each breath, stroked your head and ran my fingers through the one patch of hair you have on your head. Thinking about it now makes me miss you and you are only in the next room.

So mommy was mad... but your sweet face some how melted all that anger and exhaustion away.

I love you baby girl.

Monday, March 22, 2010

McFatty Monday- 5 Months and I Did it!

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That me! I'm screaming " I'm finally back at my pre-pregnancy weight!!!"

OK... not really. I'm actually screaming " Take me home tonight" at a bar during my bach party- but nonetheless still at the coveted pre-preg weight.

I am happy to be at the weight I am but am a little disappointed with the progressive loss of steam I had the past couple of weeks. I went from working out 5 days a week to 4 to 3 then sometimes even 2 and now back to 3. I'd really like to work out 5 times a week again. I think I would see even better results. SO I am still working on it!

I've also lost sight of the whole " be healthy for life" thing. I think that's what really helped me stay motivated in the beginning and ever since valentines day I haven't been as healthy as I want to. I have had a couple of events where I just wanted to indulge! I eat week during the week but on the weekends I would just go out of control. Things have quieted down a bit and besides my big 2-5 there are no more events until the wedding. I'd like to eventually be able to make healthy choices 7 days a week instead of just 5. I know I can do it if it happens gradually maybe eat healthy all week and 1 healthy dinner on the weekends and go from there. We'll see!

For now I am pretty happy with how I look and pleased I still have a few months before bathing suit season!

Here's to being healthy and losing weight!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bridal Shower!!!

I had my Bridal Shower and Bach party this weekend and let me tell you it was a BLAST.

My Maid of Honor is pretty much the BEST of all time and I seriously think she needs to go into party planning. She has set up both my bridal and baby shower both of which have been amazing. My bridesmaids are also so awesome for helping to set everything up and make it all perfect. I couldn't ask for better friends and family!

The Cake!

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My mom and me... and champagne spillage :)

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My gorgeous baby girl

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Me, my mom and future mother in law

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Me and Lils

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Me and Lils again

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The Bridal Party!!!

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Champagne and Mimosas!!! This was a party favorite :)

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Cheers! Me and my Maid of Honor

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Monday, March 8, 2010

McFatty Monday 3 MORE POUNDS

3 more pounds to go folks. That's right 3 MORE POUNDS until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. This will DEF be attainable by the time of the wedding.

I am hoping to go full force again starting this week. I know I keep saying that but it's better than giving up completely! I have just felt so tired and lazy recently. I only worked out two times last week.

This week I would like to go back to "2 a days" I really should be taking advantage of the time and flexibility I have to work out while I still can. I also still need to tone up my upper body... it's so hard to put more focus on my lower body because it's stronger. My arms have NEVER been strong. They are little twigs, but due to the lack of tone I have a bit of that boobs fat around my under arms. I know I should have been working harder... but it's hard!

I am no longer setting a deadline of March 29th. My deadline is the week of April 24th. I found out that about 20-25 pounds is what makes difference in dress sizes. I don't think I'll be losing another 10-15 before then.

Here's to being healthy and losing weight!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The addiction just gets worse.

I thought I loved shopping before I got pregnant.

Having a baby opened up a WHOLE new world for me. Baby clothes, gear, diaper bags, nursery items and other misc. products.

Designing the nursery is something all mothers get into, it sotra helps to pass the time while waiting for baby (especially in those dreaded last few weeks). Seeing the room come together just adds that much more excitement!

I recently indulged in a new crib bedding set. We bought our first set before we found out the sex of the baby. It's an under the sea theme and I LOVE it but... THERE'S NO PINK! Lils' room is all pink, pink walls, pink changing table cover, pink letters... she needed a pink bedding set to go along with it:

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I have been sooo picky trying to find the perfect pink bedding set. Most of the ones I have seen always have some odd color thrown in, I couldn't believe it was so hard to find something simple. It's a good thing I waited because I was able to get this at 50% off :)

I can't wait for it to come in so I can set it all up!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Designer stuff for 1/2 the price!

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Being a stay at home I want to find every way possible to save, but I don't want to skimp on my expensive style!

The places I shop carry designer clothes, jewelry, make-up, baby items and more for CHEAP!

I recently bought a pair of Seven's skinny jeans for UNDER $100.00!!!

I bought a new 4 piece crib set also for under $100.00 talk about a deal!

If you want in on this just leave me your e-mail in my comments and I'll give you the scoop on how to get these amazing deals!

**If you don't feel comfortable leaving your email please e-mail me at***

Monday, March 1, 2010

McFatty Monday: Diastasis????

OK, so I have been obsessing over my stomach getting flatter... or the lack there of.

After working out for three days last week and getting frustrated with how my stomach looked during the ab work I went to the computer and did some research.

Diastasis, or separation of abs was an explanation that matched my symptoms. I took the diagnostic test and felt the gap was big enough. Now, I didn't get a doctor to look at it so I could have misjudged it. Nevertheless I spent the last couple days on the floor ever hour doing at least ten of the ab exercises recommended to bring the abs back together. Things feel normal now and I need to jump back in to working out.

I have my first dress fitting for the wedding today. I am 10 pounds lighter and at least a size smaller... I am excited to see how it looks!!