Monday, March 8, 2010

McFatty Monday 3 MORE POUNDS

3 more pounds to go folks. That's right 3 MORE POUNDS until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight. This will DEF be attainable by the time of the wedding.

I am hoping to go full force again starting this week. I know I keep saying that but it's better than giving up completely! I have just felt so tired and lazy recently. I only worked out two times last week.

This week I would like to go back to "2 a days" I really should be taking advantage of the time and flexibility I have to work out while I still can. I also still need to tone up my upper body... it's so hard to put more focus on my lower body because it's stronger. My arms have NEVER been strong. They are little twigs, but due to the lack of tone I have a bit of that boobs fat around my under arms. I know I should have been working harder... but it's hard!

I am no longer setting a deadline of March 29th. My deadline is the week of April 24th. I found out that about 20-25 pounds is what makes difference in dress sizes. I don't think I'll be losing another 10-15 before then.

Here's to being healthy and losing weight!!


  1. it doesn't matter what size the dress is, it matters how hot you look in it, woman!!! and you're going to look b-e-a-utiful no matter what :) SOOOOOOOOO excited, counting down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 3 more pounds?! That's amazing! You can easily attain your goal.

    I am also trying to tone my arms. I have the fat under my arms that does not look so pretty in a strapless dress!

  3. Mads- I can not wait to see you and Tom in April (hopefully I see you this weekend bc Sat will be EPIC)

    Olivea- Thanks, I really wanted to be pre-preg weight as fast as possible. Now if I can just tighten up the tummy a bit more- it's def not the same as before! Also? I HATE HATE HATE the "fat that does not look pretty in a strapless dress" I am sending lots of positive vibes for us BOTH to get rid of it by our wedding days :)