Monday, March 1, 2010

McFatty Monday: Diastasis????

OK, so I have been obsessing over my stomach getting flatter... or the lack there of.

After working out for three days last week and getting frustrated with how my stomach looked during the ab work I went to the computer and did some research.

Diastasis, or separation of abs was an explanation that matched my symptoms. I took the diagnostic test and felt the gap was big enough. Now, I didn't get a doctor to look at it so I could have misjudged it. Nevertheless I spent the last couple days on the floor ever hour doing at least ten of the ab exercises recommended to bring the abs back together. Things feel normal now and I need to jump back in to working out.

I have my first dress fitting for the wedding today. I am 10 pounds lighter and at least a size smaller... I am excited to see how it looks!!


  1. My pilates instructor was talking about the muscle gap you are referring to. Good for you for looking into it!

    I hope your dress fitting goes well, I have my first fitting on Wednesday!

  2. Oh that's so exciting Olivea!!!

  3. Good luck with your dress fitting!

  4. Ahhh, good luck with the fitting!!!

    My muscles are totally separated. You can even see it when I'm standing up. GROSS.