Monday, April 26, 2010

McFatty Monday: I guess it worked!

I had my wedding this past weekend and once I get more pictures back I will post. I wanted to direct everyone to my photog's site because she put a few preview pics up :

Wedding preview

I was worried how I looked, I was worried on my days coming up that I wasn't skinny enough.

Looking at these picture I feel I was at a perfect weight. I don't know if it's because they are professional pics, or what but it was such a sense of relief (and of course excitement) I get to look back in my wedding day to beautiful amazing photos :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lust List

1: A Cuff bracelet. Ever since I saw Lynn's cuffs on the OC housewives I have been OBSESSED:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I love all of these cuff, they come from this etsy seller. If I could afford to buy all of them I totally would! They are great options for spring and summer time! Hell I'd well them year round if I could :)

2. A Mother's necklace. I really want one of these, maybe for mother's day or something. There are TONS of different styles out there.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday- 2 Types of Stress People

There are two types of stress people... at least in this instance. People who don't eat when they are stressed and people who eat.

I am the latter. Wake up feeling under the weather? maybe a brownie will help. Something not go my way? Oh well a pack a starburst will surely be the answer.

Having things go wrong that you couldn't imagine go wrong a mere two weeks before my wedding? I'm going to buy out my local Dairy Queen and call it a weekend, K?

Long story story I just really wanted to lay in bed and pig out. I tried to keep on track (and on meal plan) however I had a few slip ups here and there. I am not too disappointed. I know myself and with the stress... well- I'm surprised (and thankful) I didn't go completely overboard.

I lost some o the weight I gained back (YAY!) and found some meals that I absolutely LOVE:

Tuna, peas and miracle whip.

Yogurt with a tsp of honey.

Cucumber salad with low fat fetta.

This week my goals are the same. Keep meal planning, keep trying to work out, keep trying to stay sane. I don't care WHAT we have to go through as long as the big day turns out perfect in the end!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I wanna ROCK! Oops I mean Party!!!

Not Just any party... The Ultimate Blog Party 2010!!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

If you are new to my blog HIIII!!!! I am a new mommy, and soon to be newlywed. I love all things pink and sparkly, and over all am a real girly girl. I am a self proclaimed shop-a-holic and beauty junkie. The past year has been a whirl wind of pregnancy, birth, engagement, mommyhood, and all over craziness! I wouldn't have it any other way though. I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have found my perfect Mr. Right and have the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and choose to stick around ;)

The Quest for the Perfect Nude Pump.

The must have shoe for this season is a nude pump. I prefer a peep toe pump to any other kind.

This is a bit lighter than your average nude, however I think it will go well with my skin tone (pale as casper). It's light, but not quite white, so I won't be getting evil stares for wearing this before memorial day or after labor day :)

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I love the platform front and the skinny heel!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

6 months!!

My oh my how time has flown. I look back and reflect on the past 6 months and it is really such a blur! So many things have changed, I have changed, it's just been an incredible roller coaster ride.

One of the things I would like to address is the post I made way back in the each months- I think around two months. I was saying how she could self sooth and use her hands and STTN. Um I might have been a BIT wrong. OK I was way off. At that time, although I thought I was sane, I was really a sleep deprived robotic mess. Pumping every three-four hours and just trying to survive colic and reflux alone left me so tired. Actually, I was EXHAUSTED. Like worn to the bone exhausted. In that crazy newborn phase haze I exaggerated a lot of her accomplishments. Yes she was "using her hands" but she hadn't really discovered them yet. Yes she was STTN but, well a lot of two month olds do then all of a sudden they regress to waking up every couple hours. I got excited and got ahead of myself.I look back and feel more grounded now- maybe I'm not, maybe I will look back a year from now and think " WTH was she talking about??" who knows.

So how is she doing now? She's awesome duh!!! No, really, she is doing great. She can roll over both ways, pass toys between hands, sit up unassisted for a short period of time and bear weight on her legs. She is doing the baby scoot, I know any week now all of a sudden I will look over and she will be crawling. She is laughing so much now, she is really such a happy baby (except when mommy puts her in the crib for bed time and she still wants to play).

We are still working on her sleeping. It's been tough. On average she sleeps about 4 hours at a time at most. RARELY I will get lucky and get a 6 hour stretch.

How's mommy doing? Fabulous! As some of you have seen I have also been dealing with losing the baby weight. It's not as easy to get motivated as one might think (even with a wedding approaching at light speed!) but I will save my rant for another post. Around the three month period I really started to enjoy being a stay at home mom. Her personality started to shine through, I could interact with her better, and it's all gone uphill from there. I mean life isn't always perfect- I still get frustrated at 330 AM being woken up 15 minutes after I've laid my head down. Being a mom is hard. Being a mom is also the most amazing thing I have a ever done.

Minutes after she was born:

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Minutes after waking up today:
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Monday, April 5, 2010

19 day to go!

I recently came across some information that would have been nice to have in Jan. It's my own fault for thinking I could work out and eat "my way" and still lose weight and keep it off.

I lost the weight. Then I started to gain a little ( I didn't gain it all back, but I gained a little). Wedding or no wedding my energy went WAY down. I wanted to work out, but the energy wasn't there. Last week I did some exercises with the resistance band and that's about it. I am very disappointed. I have 19 days left until my wedding and will always know that I did not give it 100%. I may have given 100% for a month and a 1/2... then I started to give 80% then 60% and so on. I hope to goodness I am being to hard on myself and look at my wedding pictures and feel relieved and proud.

Before having the baby I didn't anticipate how long it would take to really be able to work out. Even though they SAY you can work out at 6 weeks, unless you are used to working out all the time- it's really quite impossible. I was able to find the strength and energy to really work out when Lils was three months. Thinking back I should have realized I needed time for trial and error for my work out and diet plan. How could I really expect to get it right the first time?

So, recently I started chatting with some amazing woman who know the ins and outs of proper health and fitness. A nice little inside secret I have overlooked many times is meal planning. MEAL PLANNING! It's so freaking simple. Thinking about it now it just makes perfect sense. If I write out everything, it will probably help keep me on track! Seeing the list may help me stop before placing my hand in that cookie jar- or think twice before adding an extra snack. So this week I am planning out my meal and exercise and hope to goodness I follow it. I love the idea of picking everything out and having it all planned so when it comes time to eat I won't be so tempted to just snack around for an hour, I'll be able to use the list as my guide.

Goals for this week:
Start the Shred again- do this first thing in the morning (as in I need to this this right after I post)
Meal Plan
Oatmeal, Oatmeal, oatmeal.
NO SUGAR (this is the home stretch folks I just gotta give up the sweets)
Continue to use the resistance band (I can do this while watching TV)
Try to squeeze in another work out of pilates during Lils' afternoon nap.

Here's to being healthy and losing weight!