Monday, April 12, 2010

McFatty Monday- 2 Types of Stress People

There are two types of stress people... at least in this instance. People who don't eat when they are stressed and people who eat.

I am the latter. Wake up feeling under the weather? maybe a brownie will help. Something not go my way? Oh well a pack a starburst will surely be the answer.

Having things go wrong that you couldn't imagine go wrong a mere two weeks before my wedding? I'm going to buy out my local Dairy Queen and call it a weekend, K?

Long story story I just really wanted to lay in bed and pig out. I tried to keep on track (and on meal plan) however I had a few slip ups here and there. I am not too disappointed. I know myself and with the stress... well- I'm surprised (and thankful) I didn't go completely overboard.

I lost some o the weight I gained back (YAY!) and found some meals that I absolutely LOVE:

Tuna, peas and miracle whip.

Yogurt with a tsp of honey.

Cucumber salad with low fat fetta.

This week my goals are the same. Keep meal planning, keep trying to work out, keep trying to stay sane. I don't care WHAT we have to go through as long as the big day turns out perfect in the end!


  1. The wedding isn't the important part. It will be a success no matter what as long as you walk out the door with the love of your life. You will be a gorgeous bride and I couldn't be more EXCITED for you!

    Those meals(/snacks)sound yummy! :)

  2. Your day will be perfect, but I completely understand the stress of it!

    The cucumber salad with feta sounds awesome, but then again, anything with feta is amazing.

  3. Your day will be perfect, even if you're in jeans, it's raining, & you're holding a sack of weeds as flowers.

    But you are doing awesome & cucumber + feta sounds incredible.