Monday, May 31, 2010

McFatty Monday- "This is why you're fat"

So I feel like every time I post these days it's about finding some new way to be healthy, lose weight and tone up. Consider the past few months (since this whole thing started) my trial and error period. I have been trying to find what works for ME. I started out with great motivation and energy. As my wedding approached my stress levels increased and my desire to work out completely disappeared. I still don't have it back, but I am hoping to turn a new chapter in my life after my next grocery shopping trip. Each time I try something new I feel like I am getting one step closer to being able to maintain a healthy life style.

I am going to start eating clean. I have tried to avoid it because I didn't want to let go of certain foods, and because I was doing it alone. I need to get over myself and get real. I am sick of hating the way I look and feel. I need to do something about it, other than complain and stuff my face with more unhealthy foods. I need to get my energy levels up and work out and BE HEALTHY.

I got Jackie Warner's new book "This is Why You're Fat" I have already read through it and LOVE it. Normally I think books like this are fake, but for some reason this one really spoke to me (hey if it works who cares right?). I was a fan of Jackie on her show Work Out so I already respected her as a nutrition fitness professional before the book. Inside there are recipes, workouts, and lots of good information about why you are fat and unhealthy and how to stay thin and feel better. Overall it's just a fabulous book and I hope this is what really helps me to change my life.

Once I get all my food and get started I will get into more detail, for now I am celebrating Memorial day with family and going to try not to beat myself up about how I look.

I hope all of you have a great Memorial day! Here's to being healthy and looking great!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was supposed to walk around the lake...

Instead I got side tracked by South Moon Under, Barnes & Noble and Target. This shopping center is really nice and has a lake/pond you can walk around, paddle boat in, or feed the ducks. It's a really great to take the baby out for some fresh air.

I just got an umbrella stroller and this thing is amazing. It makes it soooo much easier to go run errands with the little cupcake.

AAAAAANYWAYS a new SMU opened in this shopping area and I just HAD to take a look inside. I didn't plan to shop, but I have been waiting for the grand opening and wanted to check the place out.

I fell in love. LOVE. The set up , the people, the clothes, accessories, bags EVERYTHING. In the fitting room area, if someone starts a room for you THEY WRITE YOUR NAME ON A MIRROR ON THE DOOR it is effing adorable. I didn't want to leave. Here is what I purchased:

This necklace:
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These earrings:
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This Hat (I have been looking for one of these FOREVER):
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Now I can't do a shopping trip without getting something for my baby girl!

I got her three dresses: This, This and This
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I also got some glitter gel pens in assorted colors (they don't just sell pink so I gotta buy the whole rainbow) and a hot pink journal from Barnes & Noble.

Lils was so great the whole day, and it was nice to be out with her without lugging the car seat around! Today was def a success :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Getting back into it

Ok lovelies, Holls is back.

I took some time off, because... well I wanted to. I think this will also jump start some weight loss again.

I am going to continue meal planning and try to exercise more. The eating has been a bit challenging because I am the only one int he house dieting. J buys me healthy food, but there are other people in this house not on a diet and eating yummy fatty deliciousness. If everyone in the house was getting healthier it might be easy to stay on track. As for the exercise? I don't know why I am having SUCH a hard time with it. Especially because the last time I did the Shred, I felt more energized after the first work out. I'm just stuck in a rut. I need to get out of it- I am sick of having the way my body feels, and hate the way I have to "tuck" and "pull" and "squeeze" into clothes. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

So along with the meal planning and exercise I am going to start a food journal. I am going to make myself accountable. I have avoided journaling because I was HOPING to get by eating healthy with adding in 3 cookies here or . By writing down everything I HAVE to right down those food that "slip in" during the day and make my self accountable and realize that might be the reason I am not where I want to be.

I am sick of the flab. I want it gone once and for all. Just because I am a certain weight or size, does NOT mean it looks good in certain clothes or naked. I want to look good naked damnit!

I really really really hope I get it right one of these days... something HAS to stick. I want a lifestyle change. I want to be better for myself, for my husband (love saying that :)) and for my daughter.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quickie post

SO I haven't been as active recently, but I PROMISE to get things rolling again soon. I am winding down from my wedding and am surprisingly still pretty busy.

I am anxiously awaiting the professional wedding photos... I can't wait to see them and show them to everyone!!!

I have recently tried to be more active on twitter, so you can always follow me on there if you want to keep up with my day to day randomness *note the twitter button right under the header :) * I got the app on my blackberry so it's much easier for me to keep up with! Still trying to figure it all out, but I figure with time I'll get the hang of it, haha!

I also started an account a so if you have ANY questions you want to ask me please feel free! Save me from being bored in the middle of the night and ask me some questions :)

Thanks lovelies and I'll be posting again soon!!!