Thursday, May 13, 2010

I was supposed to walk around the lake...

Instead I got side tracked by South Moon Under, Barnes & Noble and Target. This shopping center is really nice and has a lake/pond you can walk around, paddle boat in, or feed the ducks. It's a really great to take the baby out for some fresh air.

I just got an umbrella stroller and this thing is amazing. It makes it soooo much easier to go run errands with the little cupcake.

AAAAAANYWAYS a new SMU opened in this shopping area and I just HAD to take a look inside. I didn't plan to shop, but I have been waiting for the grand opening and wanted to check the place out.

I fell in love. LOVE. The set up , the people, the clothes, accessories, bags EVERYTHING. In the fitting room area, if someone starts a room for you THEY WRITE YOUR NAME ON A MIRROR ON THE DOOR it is effing adorable. I didn't want to leave. Here is what I purchased:

This necklace:
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These earrings:
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This Hat (I have been looking for one of these FOREVER):
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Now I can't do a shopping trip without getting something for my baby girl!

I got her three dresses: This, This and This
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I also got some glitter gel pens in assorted colors (they don't just sell pink so I gotta buy the whole rainbow) and a hot pink journal from Barnes & Noble.

Lils was so great the whole day, and it was nice to be out with her without lugging the car seat around! Today was def a success :)


  1. The dresses for your daughter are adorable! I love the sunhat you bought too, perfect for the beach!

  2. Beautiful jewelry! Love the outfits for little miss!

  3. ummm those earings have been on my to-buy list ever since i saw them a few weeks ago. Amazing