Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quickie post

SO I haven't been as active recently, but I PROMISE to get things rolling again soon. I am winding down from my wedding and am surprisingly still pretty busy.

I am anxiously awaiting the professional wedding photos... I can't wait to see them and show them to everyone!!!

I have recently tried to be more active on twitter, so you can always follow me on there if you want to keep up with my day to day randomness *note the twitter button right under the header :) * I got the app on my blackberry so it's much easier for me to keep up with! Still trying to figure it all out, but I figure with time I'll get the hang of it, haha!

I also started an account a so if you have ANY questions you want to ask me please feel free! Save me from being bored in the middle of the night and ask me some questions :)

Thanks lovelies and I'll be posting again soon!!!

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