Monday, June 21, 2010

McFatty Monday: FAIL

SOOO As most of you know I have been following the program from Jackie Warner's book. Well today I was supposed to start eating 100% clean until the weekend when I coudl have my two cheat meals.

Today is also J's bday. He wanted to go to a Japanese steakhouse for lunch... then he wanted baja fresh for dinner and a freaking COLDSTONE CAKE FOR DESERT!

I started the day off well... two eggs and water with lemon. As the day went on, hoever, it just went downhill, and I didn't work out. Tomorrow will be a new day and hopefully I will be able to begin.

Another issue I had was losing my contact... losing my contact means wearing my glasses and for those who have ever worked out with glasses it's not fun. Its so not fun that I didn't work out on bit. I could barely see (glasses are very outdated prescription) and it just wasn't gonna happen. I don't think it helped I literally stuffed my face with whatever I wasted this past weekend knowing I would be going clean this week. Oops.

OK enough complaining and giving excuses let me get to the goods.

Adding in the foods actually started to work with my body. After having to eat all of the food you add in, you don't really want much else. I even lost a few pounds (which were gained back this weekend) so I def suggest this as a way for people to ease into losing weight.

My goals for this week? Starting eating clean ASAP. I really wish we would have goen grocery shopping today because we have like no HEALTHY FOOD, but we have eggs, steel cut oat, frozen berries, and string cheese. I may have to try and survive on that until we go shopping and I can get more stuff.

Here's to being healthy and losing weight!!!


  1. Losing contacts always blows, & there is NO WAY I could work out in glasses. NO WAY.

    Good luck this week! & go grocery shopping!

  2. I hope you did great this week! P.S. I have an award for you!