Saturday, July 3, 2010

Letters to Myself

Everyone else is doing it! Since this new trend of writing letters to one's self has come around, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I have tried to avoid it, because, well writing letters to my past self might be a tad painful. However, once I get something stuck in my mind I HAVE to talk about it or it just stays there and festers. Festering is never good.

Dear Holls- 12 years old:
When she asks you to eat pizza in the room with her, do it. You can watch the new episode of "Hey Arnold" another time. You'll regret not eating dinner with her that night, forever.

Dear Holls- Age 14
You are about to enter high school. Many of the people you meet in the next four years will still be there for you at your wedding. Take life slow, enjoy the fact you are ditzy and funny and smart and don't try to be someone you're not- it ends up getting you into trouble. You are charming the way you are... the sooner you learn that the better you feel. Like I said before many of the friends you make will be at your wedding... they like you for you no matter what.

Dear Holls- Age 16
Something happens this year that makes you lose your trust (in anyone and everyone). He gets help and you stay in touch and actually become/remain friends. What happened stopped being painful by the time you turn 17, so really, holding your trust hostage for the rest of your life is just plain over-dramatic (a trait about yourself you'll come to accept and love). Learn to let those walls down once someone has earned your trust. The longer you keep the walls up the longer and harder it is to take them down. Trust doesn't equal pain- the sooner you learn that, the better.

Dear Holls- Age 18
You have been through hell this past year... 50% of it is due to you making poor decisions 50% is due to people making up rumors. You get out of it alive. In fact you pass this hard ass test with flying colors. You are starting college and starting a whole new life! Forget about Mr.ohsowrongforyou- he is TOXIC and PSYCHO and won't matter by the time you are 19. Even though you have started to make some new friends, you don't forget about the old ones you did wrong too and still really care about. All it took was a simple "Happy Birthday" and she was back in your life. Everything works out in time. You two are like kindred spirits. She will be the first person you call when you find out you're pregnant and she will be the maid of honor at your wedding- you end up being closer than ever with her (and you thank your lucky stars everyday for that because she really is amazing)

Dear Holls Age 21-ish
Talk to her before you "move out" she'll listen. She cares. You can trust her. You'll regret not reaching out to her sooner. Even after all the drama and not speaking for awhile she'll congratulate you on your pregnancy. She'll continue to send you well wishes throughout your engagement, birth of your daughter and marriage and it means the world to you. She's a good person and someone you don't want to lose touch with.

I wrote a few more letters... however I feel that there haven't been enough years since, for me to really reflect. Maybe 5 years down the line I will revisit this again :)

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  1. Loved reading your letters! Truly heart felt. Hope you're having a great weekend!