Monday, November 29, 2010

Day One of Pre-Week

Long story short (and I will get the the long story at some point) I went back to work in August. I got what I thoguth was my dream job.... oh boy was I wrong. My job was very high stress and so time consuming I didn't eat very much and ended up losing a bunch of weight- but not in a healthy way. Three months later I had enough of it and found a new job- one that doesn't have me in tears before the work day begins, and also one that allows me time to eat. I gained all of my weight back and would really like to try this whole be healthy thing again. It's important to me and I need to start making it a higher priority.

This bring me to "Pre-Week." The week before I actually start my diet and exercise program. I'm jumpin' back on the Jackie Warner "This is Why You're Fat" bandwagon, and hoping to do it right this time. After this weeks grocery shopping trip I will have all the proper food to eat and will be able to follow the plan more correctly.

The pre-week is my way of not allowing myself to spend ANOTHER week indulging and not working out. Since I don't have everything I need to properly follow Jackie's program I decided I'd spend this week doing what I could and hopefully preparing myself for pre-work, work outs every morning. I am not dieting this week- so I don't expect this to add towards any weight loss, but the sooner I can get into a routine of working out in the morning the better.

So day one- I already woke up giving my self excuses " the baby woke you up int he middle of the night it's OK if you don't do it" "You're already a 1/2 hour behind you might be late for work, it's OK if you do do it" "Just do ten minutes" Just do 15 minutes" and so on. For some reason, today I was able to overcome those objections and push through a 20 minute work out on the Ellipical. I may not be able to do it everyday, but I did it today and that is worth something.

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  1. So that explains your disappearance! Glad you got a new job then were able to find another so quick when that one didn't work out. No job is worth loads of stress and agony. Props to you for trying the morning work out thing. It's a start.