Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day Two

I did it again! I woke up and got on the elliptical before work this morning!

I'm not sure if I will update EVERDAY but today I was really excited because:

1) I "ellipticalled" a mile 1 minute and 30 secdonds quicker than I did yesterday


It makes me feel like this could be do-able. We'll see after three weeks if I still have the same motivation :)

A few things I'm concerned about:

1) Pushing myself. I am notorious for taking the easy way out, and not pushing myself. How do you push yourself?

2) Consistancy. I am also notorious for not finishing what I started. I am hoping to to make this a life style change instead of a temporary thing. For those that have been exercising daily for awhile how do you keep it consistant?

Also anyone out there strictly use an elliptical? How are your workouts? Any tips or trick of the trade you can offer up?

I am always open to suggestions so don't hesitate to reach out!


  1. i am no help! I am trying-NO I AM- going to force myself to the gym after work today. It's gonna be a long day. Hope you can stick with it.

  2. do you have an elliptical at home? I do the elliptical at the gym and I gradually bumped up my resistance to level 10. It really tones your legs and butt.

  3. Anonymous- Thanks for the tips!

    Frugalista- did ya make it to the gym?? Good luck to you too :)