Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Heart January

This time a year ago blogging was like therapy to me. I love picnik-ing pictures, coming up with things to write. I was hopeful for the change my wedding day would bring me. I worked out daily at 4:00pm while Lils napped. I had escaped the fog that is the first three months of a colicky baby and had come up with a super mom routine and really like it was all coming together. This was the Month of January. Although January is in the dead of winter it is one of my favorite months. It's refreshing, hopeful, and forgiving.

This year I feel no different. I start off the new year with a weekend away with my husband. Just us. It was time we so desperately needed. This weekend was "care free" which is oh so rare these days. I fell asleep before midnight on NYE. WE SLEPT IN TILL 10:00AM. We held hands as we walked down Newbury street and I napped without worry; it felt amazing. We had no itinerary to follow, no need to worry about timing, we could just... enjoy. It was beautiful in Boston that weekend.

January is hopeful and lovely. As this month comes to a close, I have a sinking feeling of anxiety about the other 11 months. Will I still get a sickening feeling with the first scent of fall? Will I ever NOT feel disgust with the summer? Will I be able to keep the feeling of excitement I get when the first sign of spring comes around? January fills me with so much promise of a better, more successful year but as the month fades to February I wonder if I will slowly but surly lose steam and enter the vicious cycle of the remaining 11 months.

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