Monday, February 14, 2011

There's always an event

So one of the exceptions to my diet is that there are no rules when it comes to special events. Apparently special events aren't as sparse as I first thought. In fact almost every week there has been a "special event." If I allow my self to always indulge on a "special event" I'll never really diet.

Luckily for me, even with the special events of the past week, I did not gain. Actually, I lost 1/2 a pound which was surprising considering what I ate this weekend. My clothes are feeling tighter (as well as my rings) because of the amount of salt I had. It's crazy that even just one day of eating too much salt and I can feel a difference.

I kept up with my water intake and decreasing alcohol. I worked harder on my strength training. I also do random sets of squats or lunges throughout the day. I know it won't give me huge results but doing a set of squats is better than not doing them, right? Adding a three random sets of squats to the three I do during strength training equals six sets for that day- so when you add it all up I've doubled my work out. I do them when I am talking to the hubs, or when I am filling up a cup of water. I do walking lunges around my kitchen holding Lils. Just little additions like that. I really feel like it helps me not gain. I know I need to add in cardio (and a better diet) to see real results faster, but for now this is what is working.

My current strength routine consists of this:

Squats (12= 1 set)
Resistance band floor work- 1 set of three is actually three different "sets" of movements. I can't figure out how to explain it on here, I may need to find some pictures.
Chest flies (15= 1 set)
Bicep curls (15= 1set)
Tricep curls (10= 1 set)
Walking lunges (10 for each leg =1 set)

I do this routine three times for a total of three sets. Because I am weak and take a few seconds for breaks a lot it adds up to 20 minutes. I hope to add more to the routine as I get stronger and be able to make it through with less breaks. I use 4lb dumbbells for the chest fly, bicep curl and tricep curls. I am going to add the weights to my squats and lunges this week as well.

I also wear a band around my waist that makes me sweat. I'm not sure if it's really that effective in toning, but it really does make me sweat more and keeps my stomach tight during the work out. I'll post the products I use at some point :)

How did you do this week? What does your routine look like?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today was my lucky day.

Ten minutes. I get ten minutes of perfection with my daughter each night. During her bedtime routine we turn on Sprout just in time to watch the pajanamals sing their lullaby and Nina do the good night poem and song. I wish I could stretch this block of time out for hours. Lils knows when it's time for bed and asks for her binky, collects her blankey, minimouse and bear. Then looks over at me and I say "wanna come sit with momma?" She smiles and runs over to me.
She runs to me.


I make such a big deal about this because any other time of day? She doesn't run to me so much. She runs to daddy. If I get the privilege of getting Lils out of her crib in the morning she looks past me, looking for daddy. When I try and take her from his arms? She turns and holds tightly to him. She is OBSESSED with him- a true daddy's girl.

Then there are those ten amazing minutes that she is mommy's precious girl. Bedtime is my time. At bed time she comes and sits with me with her blankey and stuffed animals. At bed time she chooses me. And if I'm having a REALLY lucky day? She'll snuggle.

Today was a really lucky day. Because today was a really lucky day and a Friday my daughter went to bed 1/2 an hour past her bed time. Messing with her routine may make things crazy for tomorrow but I know I won't regret it. You just don't regret spending extra time holding your child. You just don't.

Today was my lucky day.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Surrender

Alright everyone I FINALLY surrender.

I have officially cut back on diet soda. I know that this piece of advice has been around for many many years but I just couldn't take it seriously. I always thought I got a decent amount of water, that because the soda I was drink had no calories that it was basically the same thing, and because hearing "drink more water" made me angry.

It probably started when I got pregnant and every time I would call my doctor with an issue and I'd get " drink more water." I HATED IT. My belly button felt like it was going to pop off of my body and I was told drinking water will help it? Well much to my twisted satisfaction a whole day of non stop drinking (which resulted in A LOT of peeing) and my belly button still felt like it was going to pop off. Turns out it was growing pains and I just had to deal with it... and make sure I drink enough water.

So anyways, that's how my "thing" with water started. I suppose I felt the need to prove to everyone that drinking more water is NOT the answer. I would think to myself oh I drink enough water, I don’t need to cut back on soda lalalala I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOUR ADVICE. Not to mention my work has a FREE fountain soda machine. FREE. I can have as many sodas as I want and spend NOTHING. It felt wrong NOT to take advantage (admittedly it still does).

In my desperation to find more energy I decided to give in. Like, REALLY give in this time. There are many different suggestions on how much water you should drink, I go with 1/2 of your weight in oz. I need 60 oz of water a day, and round it up to 64 because I drink out of 16 oz cups. I allowed myself one soda a day after I had consumed at least 1/2 of my daily intake. Usually I didn't even finish the soda; but it was nice to still have the option. It's a hell of a cut back considering what I was drinking before which was equal to what my water intake should be.

What a difference I saw. I DID have more energy. The headaches I usually get? Not as bad. I felt less bloated and even had less trouble waking up in the morning. So looks like I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble if I would have just given in the the world's simplest piece of advice "drink more water"

Let's recap this week, the good:

More water

Real strength training workouts using my resistance bands and 4lb weights, doing squats and lunges and stretching

No weight gain

Feeling less tired

The bad:

Awful diet. JUST AWFUL. I had a HUGE craving for carbs this week and couldn't get enough of them. The bads ones. I really need to be more diligent about making a meal plan and preparing it over the weekend because during the week I am ALWAYS strapped for time and end up grabbing what's easiest or waiting to buy lunch at work- which costs more and I always choose something that isn't healthy.

Still no cardio. I have no excuse. Actually I have a ton... but I'm sure you're tired of hearing them :)

How did you do this week? Did you finally give in to a piece of advice you have been trying to avoid?

*****Also early morning worker-outers PLEASE comment- I'd like to discuss morning motivation with you****