Monday, February 14, 2011

There's always an event

So one of the exceptions to my diet is that there are no rules when it comes to special events. Apparently special events aren't as sparse as I first thought. In fact almost every week there has been a "special event." If I allow my self to always indulge on a "special event" I'll never really diet.

Luckily for me, even with the special events of the past week, I did not gain. Actually, I lost 1/2 a pound which was surprising considering what I ate this weekend. My clothes are feeling tighter (as well as my rings) because of the amount of salt I had. It's crazy that even just one day of eating too much salt and I can feel a difference.

I kept up with my water intake and decreasing alcohol. I worked harder on my strength training. I also do random sets of squats or lunges throughout the day. I know it won't give me huge results but doing a set of squats is better than not doing them, right? Adding a three random sets of squats to the three I do during strength training equals six sets for that day- so when you add it all up I've doubled my work out. I do them when I am talking to the hubs, or when I am filling up a cup of water. I do walking lunges around my kitchen holding Lils. Just little additions like that. I really feel like it helps me not gain. I know I need to add in cardio (and a better diet) to see real results faster, but for now this is what is working.

My current strength routine consists of this:

Squats (12= 1 set)
Resistance band floor work- 1 set of three is actually three different "sets" of movements. I can't figure out how to explain it on here, I may need to find some pictures.
Chest flies (15= 1 set)
Bicep curls (15= 1set)
Tricep curls (10= 1 set)
Walking lunges (10 for each leg =1 set)

I do this routine three times for a total of three sets. Because I am weak and take a few seconds for breaks a lot it adds up to 20 minutes. I hope to add more to the routine as I get stronger and be able to make it through with less breaks. I use 4lb dumbbells for the chest fly, bicep curl and tricep curls. I am going to add the weights to my squats and lunges this week as well.

I also wear a band around my waist that makes me sweat. I'm not sure if it's really that effective in toning, but it really does make me sweat more and keeps my stomach tight during the work out. I'll post the products I use at some point :)

How did you do this week? What does your routine look like?


  1. Hey, it's a start!!! You are making an effort and that is major. As for the special event eating. It can really add up. I've found that one night of bad eating can erase a whole week of hard work. Lucky you didn't gain!! Keep it up.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of the sweat belt! haha.. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued! Good luck this week!