Monday, April 11, 2011

Waist Sweatband, No Gym Required Shoes, and a Gym Memebership

Hello again! I'm back, for today, with a weightloss post (did you expect anything else?)

I decided to stop posting until I had something positive to say, something with substance other than my usual whine.

In the middle of March my husband joined a gym that is super close to our house and costs $10 per month with a $1 start-up fee. He also decided to get serious about eating healthy and working out. This has been more beneficial to me than anything ever before. I joined the same gym two weeks after and jumped back on the bandwagon. We are both going through this together, and although we have different struggles and different ideas of how we want our bodies to look, our end goal is to be healthier and in shape.

I bought some new shoes just for the occassion! It's a bit ironic because they are called " No Gym Required" and I started wearing them after joining a gym, but I really like them AND you can add weighted insoles to burn even more calories (I haven't added the weight insoles yet).

I also wear this waist slimmer belt, not sure if it helps to slim my waist but it sure does make me sweat more!

I like to work out in the mornings, my alarm is set for 4:45 so I can hopefully be out of the house by 5:15, get in an hour work out and be home by 6:30 so Joe can drop T off at school or so that he can go to the gym. 4:45 sounds early but it is worth it for the following reasons:

*I feel more tired when I sleep in until my regular time.
*All I have to do is throw on gym clothes and head out the door.
*Working out in the AM give me energy, working out in the PM makes me feel like I'm going to die.
*I have more time with my family when I work out in the morning.

I usually have a tablespoon of peanut butter and some water before I go workout. When I get back I make myself a whey protien drink, which helps sustain my energy.

So far, I have only done cardio at the gym, I am adding in strength this week. My current routine has been doing C25K then walking on an incline for a 1/2 hour. I like my current routine, but I know it's not the most efficient use of my time, so I will be cutting the last 1/2 hour of cardio out and replacing with with a power circuit.

I am still using Jackie Warner's " This is Why You're Fat" book as a guide for both exercise and diet. She offeres a couple different circuit routines so that my body won't get comfortable just doing the same thing over and over. As for the diet, she has a section of foods that you are supposed to "add in" to your current diet. I am going to make this a staple of what I need to eat everyday so that I am getting all the nutrients I need.

I am taking this whole thing very slowly and not forcing myself to lose weight every week. Instead I am focusing on getting in the habit of working out and eating right.

Here's to being healthy!

***P.S. I have a question for those that have done or are currently doing the C25K: Did you stay on week 2 longer than the program advises? I can barely finish the jogging intervals by the end of the program!******


  1. Do the week over until you're comfortable & you can finish--but make sure you're still pushing yourself. (waiting until it's "easy" itsn't good either.)

  2. I just finished week 6 of C25K... for me it was better to go ahead and give the next week a try. If I absolutely couldn't complete the first workout for the week I planned to go back and redo the week before. Until week six I never had to repeat a day. I think just trying to push forward was the best choice for me. But I'm sure it's not for everyone. And you know your body best!

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