Monday, May 16, 2011

I Miss You Gorgeous

Hello My Gorgeous Girl,

You are so big now I can hardly believe my eyes. You're 19 months old and I so desperately want to freeze time. I miss you like crazy, babygirl, even though right now you are only one room away.

I've been back at work for 9 months and instead of getting easier, it just gets harder to be away from you. I want nothing more than to be with you all day every day, to watch you grow and learn. It kills me when I get home just in time to kiss you goodnight, or when I get home after you've already fallen asleep especially on days I don't get to see you before I leave for work. I long for the weekends when you and I can be together all day, where I get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with you. During the week I try and remind myself that I'm working towards your education, the fun vacations we'll get to take, a new house, and being able to give you and your brother pretty much anything you want :)

When I start to worry about how my being at work all day will effect our relationship, these are a few of the things make me smile:

When you're upset I can pretty much always make you feel better by saying " Come on babygirl let's go pick out a purse to wear!" I love how you take my hand and smile with excitement as we walk down the hall to my room and you are able to pick out any purse you like.

I recently bought you your first pair of over-sized sunglasses. When I came home and told you I had sunglasses for you the joy in your face made me tear up. I have never seen you so excited to receive a gift.

Hearing you say "Mamaaaaa!!!" There is an old work badge of mine that you found and carry around, pointing at it saying "mama, mama, mama" it just melts my heart.

Hearing you say "dada" It's so strange but sometimes I'll just sit back and watch you and daddy play staring in awe of how much you love each other. Most of the time when you are sad or when you first wake up you say "dadaaa"and it's so adorable I can't even take it. You don't like to go to bed without saying good night to him. When you wake up and he isn't there you look and ask for him- you're a true daddy's girl.

Hearing you say "Teeeee" You absolutely adore your brother and without a doubt, no matter what, seeing him makes you happy. You could have no toys, no binky, no blankey, and would still be content as long as TT is around.

Hearing you say "no" the way you say it is just so cute I can't even describe it- ask daddy :) Actually, just hearing you talk makes me smile. You are constantly saying new words and without fail it amazes me. You are so smart, and so quick I can't even believe it. The things you know and understand are really just amazing, I am so proud of you.

Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses. I could kiss those chubby little cheeks all day and all night. I can never get enough.

Some of the things you are loving right now are: Minnie Mouse (meemeee) Elmo (melmo) your blankeys, playing basketball and making slam dunks with daddy, purses, sunglasses, dancing and singing, reading and I could go on and on and on!

Right now, I really miss you babygirl. If it wasn't for the fact you have trouble sleeping anywhere beside the crib or PnP I would scoop you into my arms and bring you into my room to sleep. The weekend just goes by too fast and soon enough I'll be rushing out the door Monday morning, hoping the day flies by so I can rush home to be with you before you fall asleep.

I love you gorgeous, I hope you're having sweet dreams.


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