Friday, July 29, 2011

HoneyBelle Bodybuffer: Week 1

Hello Everyone! It's time for my week 1 update on the HoneyBelle Bodybuffer.

You guys... I think I am in love.

First of all, I wrote to the company's customer service department about the issue with my stomach, just in case, and received a response within hours. Not only that but they forwarded my issue to one of the physicians who helped develop the product to give me additional information. I received a response from her the next morning. They explained that I used too much pressure for too long on my stomach and to not use the product on that area for 48 hours to make sure I did not irritate it more. I really appreciated their quick response and advice on how what I needed to do next. Everyone I have spoken with at the company has been so sweet and helpful, I've just had the most wonderful experience with them all around.

Now lets get to the good stuff! For a majority of the time I used the product twice a day- there were a few days I only used it once. My personal preference is to use the product as soon as I wake up. Literally I get out of bed and plug it in. This is a great way to start the day, I felt refreshed and since I started the day thinking about making a healthy decision for my body, it was easier to continue making healthy decisions through out the day. I feel like my entire morning routine has improved just by starting the day using this product.

At night time I prefer to use this right before I go to bed. Because of the vibrations on your skin (I think) everything feels extra soft and silky afterward. I felt like my bed had turned into the W bed (my all time fav)- it was like heaven. Normally, it takes me forever to get comfortable and relax before falling asleep, no matter how much fabric softener or what kind of sheets I have it's just tough for me to relax. Using this machine gets me to that relaxed place and it really felt amazing.

So I bet your dying to know how my body actually looks or the results I have seen? Right? I notice that my skin is much softer and my thighs are smoothing out. Truth be told I do not have a major cellulite problem, but I use this machine as a preventative measure as well. I also notice my midsection feels different. I haven't lost any weight and can't exactly pin point WHAT is different, but there is something. My pants are fitting a tad looser, my skin feels smoother and tighter, they're minimal changes, but they're still there (and hello, it's only been a week!)

I am excited to see how I progress over the next few weeks and look forward to sharing it with all of you!

I'd also like to add that this product goes above and beyond just a cellulite treatment for me. It has really improved my way of life in so many ways, I am completely surprise at how much it has effected me. I love that I have added this to my daily routine and look forward to using it for a very very long time.

Stayed tuned for my week 2 update next week. I should be posting in between so feel free to come back before then as well- upcoming posting will include raves about my favorite products, beauty routines, and more!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Spa Day Sunday: 1st Edition

It's Sunday and you know what that means.. Spa day! I have a complete Sunday routine that leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed and fabulous to tackle the week ahead!

For the first edition of Spa Day Sunday I am going to start with the product that transformed my life and brought me to a whole new level of pampering myself....

Bliss Softening Socks!!!

The above image is a set of the Softening Socks and Diamancel #20 the Conqueror I bought this set from NeimanMarcus in case you'd like to try it out for yourself (you totally should). Both are absolutely necessary for velvety soft feet. I started out just using the socks and they worked great, but adding the conqueror really made a difference and made my results last much longer.

Before I get in the shower I use the conqueror to smooth away any roughness, then I hop in the shower and use one of my many scrubs (also by Bliss but I'll discuss those another day :)) to completely exfoliate my entire body and feel silky smooth. Once I get out I slab some lotion (more bliss products- can you tell I'm obsessed?) and slide on the softening socks. After 20 minutes I remove them and my feet are polished, soft and look like they've never seen a high heel in their life- so fab!

In addition to working wonders on my skin, these products are long lasting. The softening socks last for around 50 uses, which is almost an entire year if you only use them once a week. The conqueror (as well as all the of diamancel tools) last forever, and get this... made with diamonds, LOVE IT!

Stay tuned for next week when I discuss more of the products that make Spa Day Sunday so fabulous!

Do you have a set routine to pamper yourself? What are your favorite products to use?

P.S. Bliss did not provide me with these items, or any of the other items I use. The only time I receive products for free is on the rare occasion I win a contest. I have not been asked to write a review and the opinion and motivation for this post are all honest and my own.

Friday, July 22, 2011

HoneyBelle Bodybuffer Product Review

Hello Everyone! I have wanted to do some product reviews for awhile, but I wasn't sure where to start. Last night I tried out my HoneyBelle Bodybuffer for the first time and thought that might be a good place to start!

This is the HoneyBelle bodybuffer! At first I thought it looked a little intimidating and wasn't sure how loud it would be or how powerful it would be. I wasn't sure about using it twice a day being a busy working mom, so it sat in it's case for a couple of weeks before I decided to test it out. I used it on my thighs, butt, and stomach and here are my thoughts after two uses (one last night and one this morning):

-Using it on my butt was a little tough, I had to do it one handed and my weak little twig arms got a bit tired HOWEVER it felt like a bonus mini work out since I was in constant motion.

-The skin on my thighs immediately felt softer and smoother and some how more toned even after one use! Instant gratification is awesome!

-Last night I used it post work out and it felt amazing on my muscles. I just started incorporating a circuit training routine into my work out and it really helped my sore muscles.

-One problem I found was the when I used it on my stomach I think I applied to much pressure. My stretch marks and area where my belly button ring used to be completely swelled up and my tummy was BRIGHT red.It took awhile for the swelling to go down, but by the time I was in bed it was pretty much gone. This morning when I tried it again my stomach was still tender... I guess I got a little too excited using it on my stomach last night ;)

-After using the machine you are suppose to use the contouring lotion. This stuff smell amazing and isn't too rich. My skin feels perfectly moisturized without being too lotion-y.

-My skin is very fair and very sensitive, using this product did not cause any irritation on my thighs and butt, maybe a little tenderness but nothing uncomfortable.

-The instructions tell you to apply pressure, but don't apply TOO much- or you'll end up in my situation (swelled up stretch marks are even more gross then regular old indented bear claw ones).

All in all, I like this product so far. I really like that even without the toning effects, it relieves sore muscles. Both times I have used it I felt very relaxed and refreshed after which is also a bonus, because I almost never feel relaxed or refreshed (I'm a hotmess).

Also, it's important to note that I am not just using the HoneyBelle Bodybuffer to slim down or tone, I work out and try to eat right, this product is just suppose to help maximize your end result. I'll be back for another update next week!

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Go to: You can also find this as one of the beauty award winners at NeimanMarcus!

P.S. HoneyBelle did not provide this product to me- I was asked by no one to do a review. The thoughts and opinions AND motivation to write this post are all honest and my own.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Swimsuit Debate

Mothers of little girls have some added pressure during the summer months. Bikini or no bikini? This summer in particular (OK it's only the second summer of me being a mom but still) I have noticed an abundance of bikinis for little girls and not much to choose from when it comes to one pieces.

Last year I was die hard and kept to my one-piece promise without hesitation. This year tempation of cute ruffled bikinis has filled my mind more than I care to think about.

"Should I just do it? So many other moms do it, it's OK right?" Then the voice of reason comes through " Bikinis are supposed to be "sexy", do you really want your baby in something "sexy?"

No, no I do not. Saying sexy and my daughter in the same sentence makes me a little queasy. My daughter is a baby girl and will be dressed as such. If this means I have to go through the entire summer with only two bathing suits for her so be it. I'd rather have a less than stellar collection of swimwear than be panic stricken at the beach wondering what perv is checking out my kid in a bikini.

So for this chick- no bikinis. I'm not sure when I will feel comfortable with her wearing one (maybe never?) but as long as I am picking out her bathing suit, I'll be looking in the one-piece section.