Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pinstripe Suit- Corporate Attire

Ok you guys this is my first time posting from Polyvore so I'm still trying to get the hang out it. I also have a chain pearl necklace to wear with this outfit but couldn't link it to polyvore- you can find the style here

This isn't how I dress everyday since my office is business casual, but this would be a typical outfit for days I have interviews, especially with executives (so I guess sometimes it is everyday ;))I always like to add a touch of pink to my outfits (so much so people notice if I'm NOT wearing pink)so the light pink shirt lets me add my style without being overwhelming.

I need to add a fabulous everyday bag to my look but haven't found th perfect one yet. The navy one I had in mind is now out of stock so I am on the hunt again! Any suggestions? My style is classic and simple- leave me a comment or tweet me your ideas!


  1. Go for Dooney & Bourke bags! <3 They're so amazing, I love their leather collection, goes well with my everyday corporate look. :)

  2. Thanks! I will check them out!