Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Spa Day: 2nd Edition

On this week's Sunday Spa Day I'm talking about how I keep my skin feeling and looking beautiful with exfoliating and moisturizing. I love how refreshed and silky smooth I feel after I exfoliate- this is absolutely necessary for an at-home spa experience!

I am OBSESSED with body scrubs. I use them more than once a week, and have a variety of different scrubs. On Sundays, I take extra time to make sure I get a really good scrub everywhere. During the week my showers are quick and rushed, so I like to have a day where I make sure to get the best scrub I can.

My scrub of choice on Sundays is the Bliss Vanilla+Bergamont Body Buff:

I LOVE this scent. It's warm and cozy and amazing. After using the The Conqueror I step into the shower, without the water on and grab a handful of the body buff. I start with my feet and make my way up, until I am covered, from neck to toe (minus the girly bits). I usually do a final once over to just make sure I get the ultimate scrub then I turn on the water and rinse it away.

I follow this up with some Vanilla+Bergamont Soapy Suds and Body Butter. For the most part I like to keep my scents consistent- it's just a weird quirk of mine.

Are there particular scents you love? What's your favorite body scrub and lotion combination?

I'm thinking of adding another product to the mix, stayed tuned for next week when I sum up my current routine and reveal the new product I am going to try!

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