Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Spa Day: Summary and Review Comming!

Sorry this is a bit late! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I was super busy last week on vacation with the fam!

Today for Sunday Spa I just wanted to summarize my routine since I split it up into two posts.

1) I use the Conqueror to rid myself of any evidence I wore 3+inch heels all week ;)

2) I step into the shower and get my scrub on with Bliss' Vanilla+Bergamont body buff

3) I rinse off and add some extra moisture with Vanilla+Bergamont Soapy Suds

4) After I dry off I lotion up and slip on my softening socks. I wear these for 20 minutes and when I'm done I feel fresh and fabulous!

This is an easy quick way to turn your home into a spa and give you body with pampering it deserves!

I am also going to add a facial mask to my routine. I have hesitated before because although my skin is normal, it's very sensitive. Straying away from anything but my beloved Neutrogena daily face scrub has turned my face into a danger zone. I have very pale skin so it often look a bit dull, I think a weekly mask is just what it needs to be revitalized and glowing.

Thanks to twitter, I asked @BlissSpa which mask was the best for me. They don't sell travel or sample sizes so I wanted to make sure I bought the right one for my face. I LOVE that they responded (can you tell that responsiveness is the way to my heart;)) asking for specific details about my skin type of the result I was looking for. They recommended I try the Triple Oxygen Mask since I have normal skin and am looking to brighten it up. I am hoping to stop by their place while in NYC this weekend, but if not I will def purchase within the month. I will keep you updated on how I like it!

P.S. it's obvious I have a thing for bliss products. They work well with my skin, I love the way they smell, and they are aesthetically appealing. I do plan to go out and try new products to be more versatile, but I write about what I know and like and the majority of my skin care products just happen to be bliss (because they are AWESOME) Do you have a brand you are completely attached to?


  1. You can find it here! LOVE IT http://www.blissworld.com/bath-body/shop-by-category/hands-feet/diamancel-20-the-conqueror/

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