Thursday, August 11, 2011

Must Have Accessory: Sunglasses

Who doesn't love sunglasses? This is a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them rain or shine, from sun up to sun down. Not only are they a fabulous accessory, but my eyes are ultra sensitive to the sunlight, so wearing them is absolutely necessary.

I like to have more than one pair so that I can coordinate with what I am wearing that day. Here are the three sunglasses that circulate with my wardrobe:

1: The aviator.

These are a classic shape that pretty much looks good on everyone. I usually wear these when I am out and about in jeans and a T-shirt, or heading to the gym on the weekends. Mine are similar to the above picture but with darker lenses and pink tips instead of white. You can purchase these sunglasses at South Moon Under

2. The LVs

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These sunglasses look like sophistication for me. I love to wear these when I have an especially important meeting (which happens more often than not) or to add some style when I am bundled up in all black and suits in the wintertime. I feel like a million bucks walking into the office and am ready to conquer the day with these on! You can purchase a similar pair at Louis Vuitton in creme or marron .

3. The "goes with everything."

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These are my fav glasses. They are navy blue ::swoon:: just a tad over-sized and look stunning with everything. I wear these the most often. I purchased mine from David Yurman, but again, looks like my color is no longer available. Here are a similar pair.

What sunglasses are you currently rockin'? Do you have an accessory you absolutely must wear everyday?

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