Friday, October 14, 2011

Birthday Parties: Not All Moms Are Created Equally Creative.

This past weekend we celebrated Lily's 2nd birthday. I had big plans to have the most awesome pink party EVER. I wanted many different varieties of pink candy, a bunch pink balloons, pink hanging decorations, pink garland, everything literally had to be pink. And let's not forget about the glitter, I want cute glitter votive glasses and mason jars and glittery food and on and on and on. Only one of those things ended up happening (thank goodness Lils has an obsession with balloons- the Minnie Mouse ones were an extra special bonus).

I am constantly seeing other moms pulling together these fantastic events, skilled in creating beautiful looking (and tasting)food and DIY decorations- so I thought, why don't I give it a try! So what if I had never done any of this ever before in my life. Who cares if all my attempts at being creative in the past had resulted in a huge ugly fail. This time was going to be different I was going going to succeed!!

Then the week before her birthday party came and I hadn't gotten anything done.

Then the day before her birthday party came and I thought I would be able to squeeze in baking all the cupcakes, cookies and smash cake, make my own icing, decorate the whole house and still have time to make myself look pretty.

This past weekend I realized I am NOT a good party planner. My husband ended up having to ice the cupcakes and put everything else together last minute (thanks hubby!) because it was an hour before the party and I still needed to get ready. At 3:00 I was ready just in time for the guests were arrive and the decorations I bought never got put up. The only glitter was the glitter in my eye shadow and the cake, well, you'll just have to see if for your self:

The cake was supposed to look like this:

But ended up looking like this:
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Apparently my definition of "easy" and Wilton's is not the same. Squeezing icing out of one of those bag thingies isn't as easy as it seems- I kept squeezing with the wrong hand and icing was everywhere, and did you know it takes an hour to make icing? Did you know that you should probably put it in the fridge before you decorate with it so it would stick and not be all droopy? You did? Well... I didn't. I had no clue what in the world I was doing and picking Lily's birthday to test it all out was not the best idea.

I was so embarrassed of my work that I hid the cake in the fridge and decided I would not be pulling it out. All day Lils had been asking for cake as she saw me making it and now I was going to have to tell her a cupcake would have to do. Then after a few glasses of sangria, some encouraging white lies, and wanting to keep my word to my daughter I pulled it out.

This is what happened when Lils saw the cake:

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She reached for the cake! The ugly, embarrassing mess of a cake I had made. She was over joyed and couldn't wait to dig in.

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After her first taste she looked at me and said " Tastes good!" My icing and cake had gotten the picky eater toddler approval.

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Did I also mention that because I kept the cake in the fridge it was pretty hard and not all cake smash like? I'd lost track of all my fails by this time.

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So, I may not have had the prettiest cake or the most fabulous decorations, but the girl who's birthday we were celebrating was over joyed she got a cake all to herself and was able to play with as many balloons as she could hold. My gorgeous girl was happy that day, and that's what it's all about.

One of the things I got right? Check out Lils' skirt:
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It was absolute perfection.

I'd like to thank Danielle from gogirlusa and Teddy's Tiny Tutus for getting this skirt ready and in the mail within 24 hours so I could have it in time for the big day.

Have you ever had a complete creative flop when trying to put on a birthday party or other special event? I'd love to hear stories from other women, like myself, who aren't so creatively talented but try anyways ;)


  1. Well at least you tried! I'm not creative either. I have a feeling the same exact thing would happen if I actually tried to get creative with a party. I barely cook! I'm a mess. Know that you are not alone!!

  2. Thanks! Glad I am not alone :)