Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My blog is going through an identity crisis

My blog has been going through an identity crisis.

Is it a mom blog?

Beauty blog?

General Life style blog?

Personal journal?

All of the above?

None of the above?

I have been trying to make this place "into" something. Force this place to be something that just isn't working. Yes this is all my own writing, but with each post I feel like I have a different goal in mind.

For some reason I am writing for an audience. An audience I don't really have and can't really categorize.

I need to write for myself, I skipped a few steps in trying to follow the footsteps of my fellow bloggers who already have a following.

So from this point forward I am going to write for me. Good, bad and ugly.

I wondered if I should even write this post because people might find it weird. But since I am just writing for me and a "wiping the slate clean" post is what will make me feel better so, I'm doing it.

Slate you are officially wiped clean (and just in time for 2012)!

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