Saturday, February 4, 2012

Not to be discouraging... but...

This post is not intended to be discouraging, I am honestly interested in hearing some feedback.

I read a lot of bloggers that talk about when they admitted they had PPD/PPA and all the support they got afterwards. I have advocated for others to immediately tell their doctor, immediately reach out, and know that there is support and you can get better.

Then, I talk about PPA myself... and... silence.


So, does this mean not all moms suffering PPD/PPA aren't created equal? Is it "false advertising" to tell people to speak up with a promise of automatically having a support system?

I'm going to be honest, and it may piss some of you off, but it's the truth.

I have tried to reach out for help... nothing.

I have disclosed the paralyzing fear I feel way too often... nothing.

I have described how these fears and thoughts physically make me ill and make it almost impossibly to sleep... nothing.

I have talked about my lack of sleep due to the constant worry, rapidly beating heart, and nervousness... nothing.

Do I blame anyone for this? No. But, and this is for the apparent small percentage of people who thought they could get help/support/understanding they needed but didn't) It's OK to feel pissed off/furious

There isn't always going to be a huge support system that comes to you with open arms. Sometimes you have to be accountable for yourself and suck it up.

Sometimes, you have to do it on you own.

The good news? You CAN do it alone, is it ideal? No, but it can be done. It may not be easy, it may be lonely, but keep your eye on the prize, STAY STRONG and you'll come out on top feeling proud of yourself for getting through it.

Have you had to be your own personal motivator? How did you help yourself get better?


  1. Above and beyond any support, you need the support of yourself. You CAN do it alone and you WILL come out of it exhausted but proud! But when i say alone, i mean you find your own path to the light without the direction from others. Only you know what is best for you. Remember, your friends and family are not qualified to help you, you need to find what extra support will help the most, be it professional or just catching up with someone close and watching chick flicks to feel 'supported'. Those around you can support you with love but not necesarily advice on things they themselves dont know the answer for. Each person is different and everyone deals with it in different ways. The answer for you is in whatever works :) Good Luck xxx

  2. Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it :)

  3. You don't need to do it alone, nor should you. I think the crickets you hear so loudly? [i.e.: no one speaking up] is possibly others, feeling similar things, holding their breath....trying to not be found. not be heard. not be noticed ...thinking maybe, just maybe, it'll go away.

    Don't do it alone, okay? Keep your voice strong. I'm with you. I'm not perfect. + I will let you down. But I am a fellow mom, woman, wife + human ... so we have some stuff in common. ;o)