Thursday, March 22, 2012

I wonder. An ode to an old friend.

There is someone in my life.

Well someone who used to be more actively in my life. I don't think about her everyday, but I think of her often.

We haven't really talked for years and most of the people I know now have no clue of the importance she holds in my life. But she has and always will have a spot in my heart.

It's funny how the heart works, and no matter what length of time has gone by I always considered her more like a real sister than a friend any day. Even though I couldn't tell you her favorite color, or her favorite TV show, or where she works. I have no clue if she's dating someone or what her hopes and dream are... anymore.

But nonetheless she has an irreplaceable spot in my heart.

I miss her.

I wish she knew my daughter, and where I worked and my hopes and dreams. I wish there was a way we could get back to the days of playing in cardboard boxes and forts. There isn't- we're two different people now and we've grown up and grown away.

But I still miss her and wonder if she thinks the same about me.

I wonder if she will read this and know I am talking about her.

I wonder if she knows I forgive her- and that I hope against hope I can be present when she finally meets the prince charming she deserves so badly and decides to say "I Do"

I wonder if she knows I worry about her and think she deserves the world.

I wonder and watch from afar, keep her in my thoughts, and hope she is happy, because she deserves it.

I wonder if she knows how much she deserves it.


  1. I often have thoughts like this about one of my old friends. I looked her up on Facebook once and saw she was happy and had many wonderful blessings in her life. It warmed my heart to know she was doing well!

  2. She actually did read this- I'm glad she did and she knows I still care :)

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